Business Phishing Campaign

Active Business Phishing Campaign Targeting Fortune 500 Companies to Steal Financial Assets

Hackers involved in Business Phishing Campaign using well crafted social engineering methods to harvest login credentials and to steal money. The attack most likely to be originated from Nigerian origin and they are engaged in credential harvesting, phishing and social...

PhishPoint – Hackers Uses New Phishing Technique To Steal User Credentials

A new phishing technique dubbed PhishPoint affected about 10% of Office 365 users. With the new technique, attackers used SharePoint files to host phishing links. Office 365 scans for the link in the Email bodies for blacklist and suspicious domains,...

New Fake Email Phishing Scam Attack LinkedIn Users – Beware

Fake Email phishing attack hitting LinkedIn users via Mail and LinkedIn inbox's  and ask them to attach the CV. Since its looks like an original link which come from official LinkedIn, its leads to  many users to be victimized...

Open JPEG Vulnerability CVE-2016-8332

Open JPEG Vulnerability CVE-2016-8332 disclosed by Cisco Talos group in  JPEG2000 image file format parser which implemented with the OpenJpeg library.   What is OpenJPEG ? OpenJPEG is an open source JPEG2000 codec written With C Language. JPEG 2000 is an image coding system that uses state of the...
phishing sites

Half of the Phishing Sites Trick Users by Displaying the HTTPS Green Padlock

A new study by PhishLabs nearly half of the phishing sites using SSL HTTPS connection and shows padlock which indicates a means of telling it as a legitimate site. The reason for the alarming rise is because still the internet...


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