Recently, the Brno University Hospital in the city of Brno, Czech Republic, has been struck by a cyberattack right in the center of a COVID-19 outbreak that is taking up steam in the small European country.

Well, the hospital officials have not disclosed the variety of the security violation; but, the incident was considered severe enough to suspend essential surgical invasions and re-route new critical patients to nearby St. Anne’s University Hospital, that’s what the local media stated.

Moreover, the hospital staff has been prevented from using their computers back on, making the outpatient wards to stay closed while the conflict is discussed. The medical services in the country have been redirecting further upcoming patients to other nearby hospitals.

Cyberattack – COVID-19

The Czech National Office approved this conflict for Cyber and Information Security (NÚKIB). In a report, the spokesperson stated that NÚKIB was informed about the conflict on the morning of 13 March.


Well, now, presently, the spokesperson said that NÚKIB cybersecurity experts are working beside police and hospital administration to determine the incident.

Thus, the administration at the hospital did not reveal all the aspects of the attack. Still, the media stated that this conflict has a notable influence on the operations at the Brno University Hospital as the structure was forced to postpone necessary surgical invasions and to assign new critical patients to nearby St. Anne’s University Hospital as we have mentioned above.

Mr. Plesu (CEO of computer security service OutThink) stated that as the risk increased, security teams must be more careful. And should understand that the chance of a cyberattack is much higher than usual as hackers seek to take benefit of weak, overstretched teams that probably have their defenders down.

His advice to the security teams operating in the healthcare sector of every country would be to require an attack nearly as hackers will mercilessly target them.

Not only this, but Mr. Plesu also said that ‘Emergency protocols should be set in place and appreciable security systems should be used, especially for staff that bears a high risk or has access to crucial systems and patient health records.’

Moreover, the funny training videos and box-ticking agreement rules must go out the window – this is an actual threat that requires a practical, proactive reply.’

As per the information, organizations should necessarily think to implement and advertising a clear, centralized, and constant internal process to describe all the events and anticipations associated with the coronavirus pandemic.

Thus, the Corporate cybersecurity and security awareness should compose a valuable part of such information, as cybercriminals are profiteering from uncertainty and ambiguity.”

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