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Best Ways to Protect Data From Cyber Attack & Recover Your Deleted Data in Your Personal Computer

Cyber attacks handling and Data Recovery are the most stressful Operation in any of the organization and individual for both Personal and Enterprise computer. Sensitive data stealing and damaging the asset will be most the cyber crimes Primary Motivation.

After the incidents, Data recovery is one of the tricky processes and we need to be very careful and make sure maximum amount of Data will be recovered and try to minimize the data loss.

Data loss is the very common thing that most of the people’s personal computer and organization could experience at least once and it may happen by human errors, cyber attacks, Man-Mad disasters and natural disasters.

Our ultimate goal is to recover the data as much as we can and protect your Data asset to avoid the data loss in any the incidents using techniques and Tools.

Here we could see some of the most important Data recovery process and Protection for your personal computer.

Data Recovery & Protection in Personal computer

We usually stored a lot of important sensitive data in such as videos, images and other Important documents on our personal computer and some situation unknown we delete those data permanently and during cyber incidents, we may lose the data to cyber criminals.

1. Use best data recovery Sofware such as EaseUS to recover lost data from your personal computer and EaseUS data recovery software will help to perform recycle bin recovery to recover files deleted from recycle bin after empty.

2. EaseUS Data Recovery tool also one of the powerful and professonal data recovery tools that You can use it to recover virus infected files using CMD and EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is capable of retrieving files only when they were deleted or hidden by virus.

3. If your data has been deleted or lost due to human Error, Common virus or unintentional data wiping, ensure no additional data is written to the drive after the files have been lost.

4. cyber threats such as ransomware main task is to infect your computer and lock your files and Demand the ransom amount so Scan all your emails for malicious links, content, attachment and Segregate the physical and logical network to minimize the infection vector.

5.One of the main infection vectors is Microsoft office document so make sure your Microsoft office Macros are disabled by Default on your personal Computer.

6. Always use anti-malware and anti-virus protection. most the current antivirus using behavior-based analysis that helps to minimize the unknown ransomware threats takes place in your network.

7. Backup your important data in external hardware and make sure don’t share it on multiple computers to avoid the infection from compromised systems.

8. Ensure the basic security by installing security patches, anti-virus updates, and always turn on your Firewall Protection in your Computer.

9. Use quality Free Data Recovery software such as EaseUS to Recover all types of lost files, including photos, documents, videos, audio, emails, compressed files etc that helps to recover deleted, formatted, inaccessible data.

10. Protect your Personal computers with strong Passwords and also you can encrypt your personal data to prevent from unauthorized access and also use cloud storage to store your sensitive data.

11. Secure Your Computer while being online to protect from malware threats and unknownly access malicious website which is a major reason for all failures be it data loss or system crash n your Personal computer.

12. Make a copy Your Operating System in the backup disk that will help to restore your OS if it will infect by Malware.

13. Checking out online reviews of different data recovery services would help you understand which company has the expertise to work on the kind of data loss you have at hand. It would also give you a good idea of what kind of services they provide and the depth of their skills and expertise.

14. Before you take after different approaches to locate the best information recuperation organization, taking references from business partners, companions or even family on the off chance that they are aware of any information recuperation company software such as EaseUS so they have utilized as a part of the past or can allude is an extraordinary thought.


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