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Essential Features of Advanced Endpoint Security for Businesses

Cyber security is a growing industry — mainly because companies need protection at every angle. There are more methods and opportunities for cyber attacks because our technology has advanced so far, but here’s the great news: there are also more tools to help enterprises like yours keep your data and sensitive assets safe from hackers and malware. Thanks to the advances in endpoint security programs, most now feature numerous advantages that stand out as essential to a business needing protection. The following are some of the most important features that businesses can have in their chosen advanced endpoint security.

Threat Intelligence

It’s hard to keep track, in many cases, what kind of threats are out there. But you shouldn’t have to. That’s what advanced endpoint security does for you — outlining a clear definition of what changes and behaviors can be seen as a threat. Better yet, these outlines, these definitions, are all managed by artificial intelligence that learns how to identify risk better and better.

Behavioral analysis, along with other forensic intelligence protocols, make it clear what to avoid, making sure you don’t have to second-guess your actions. You can rely on your security platform to do the work for you in preventing disaster long before it happens.

User-Friendly Integrations

While threat detection may be a chief role for a cybersecurity solution, it’s just one need of many. So, when you find a cyber security platform that integrates numerous tools into one place, you may find that it suits those many needs all the better. It’s about simplification, when it comes down to it: having an all-in-one dashboard of the most comprehensive and user-friendly insights makes for a strong weapon when having to consistently head the defense against cyber attacks.

Better still, there’s a systematic approach to all the tools and insights that are included in an advanced endpoint security platform. From the way they prevent security breaches to the rollback functions allowing for a complete fix of an issue, businesses with this kind of security receive a lot of integrated services at their disposal that make having a platform worthwhile.

Automated Responses and Remediation

The only thing worse than falling victim to a cyber attack is being too late to stop the damage. That’s why automation exists: while some security platforms flag problems for manual correction, an advanced endpoint security system is designed to allow for immediate action, even when you’re off the clock. That means that when trouble hits, the platform steps in and acts after detecting any such threat, and responds quickly to mitigate and even remediate damage as needed. It’s important for any business with cyber security as a concern that they know what will happen when threats present themselves.

Cyber attacks, try as you might, are never 100% unavoidable — but by having a system that steps in when attacks happen, you’re able to make sure that the important things are saved, and that your business doesn’t suffer from a breach. Best of all, these automated responses are documented, so if you need more specific action to prevent the next attack, it’s all right there for you to read back.

Complete Connectivity

Another boon to those who use an advanced endpoint security platform is the management and discovery of all connections to a network — devices from every corner are noted for you to approve or deny as necessary, and your control over “rogue device” access is secure. You can respond to unauthorized access, manage authorized devices, and even establish baselines of activity within a network for each device.

Never again do you need to worry whether suspicious activity can go unseen in your business’s network. What happens on connected devices is brought to your attention, and you’re made to be truly in charge, with reports that help you decide who should be disconnected for good.

Scalable Security Operations

While this type of security is built with enterprises in mind, there’s something for every business of every size. Whether you’re operating a small startup or you have a large corporate network to secure, there’s variety in your options, and the security features are distinctly made to fit you. Windows or Linux, public clouds or private servers, security and visibility are priorities that shouldn’t be limited by choice of platform or the size of your operation.

Vulnerability Checks

For a business, it’s not enough to know that there are threats out there. In many cases, it’s better to act ahead of the attack; that’s why it’s important to know what your vulnerabilities are. Advanced endpoint security is designed to pinpoint these insecure features of your network and to bring you the action items necessary to remedy and reinforce the weakness found by the platform.

Whatever it is that creates the possibility for a cyber attack is something that should be addressed. That’s why it’s best to have an idea of how to identify and manage your business’s weakest points, and to have an intelligent system that checks for these regularly.

File Integrity Monitoring

Transference corruption and data breaches are problems that concern every type of business. However, you can mitigate the risk of this happening when using a security platform that monitors and attempts to maintain file integrity on the whole. This platform can even support the infrastructure of public and private servers, systems, and endpoints — making such integrity management simple and straightforward no matter where your files are stored.

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