Did you know that you can change the color and transparency of your photo? Well, it is possible. In site retouchme.com/, you will learn different ways in which you can edit colors in your photo.

Use gray cards

Taking photos in a controlled environment is much easier because you have a say on the light as well as the subject. You can control how much light you want and or how you want the subject to appear.

In this case, you may want to put into consideration the gray cards. Take your starting images with the cards. This will give a target to select for you 18% location on gray.

And if you are wondering what the gray card will help you with, that is a huge topic. But for now, what you need to know is that it will be very useful with a white balance app like Photoshop or ACR.

Note that, simply making a good white balance is not a ticket to the correct color of your image. An image will have parts that appear very different from one another is you have mixed colors. In other words, you can easily get overwhelmed, which is why you will need the gray cards.

You need to have proper skills to edit photos with the right color. And understanding how to utilize these things brings you a step closer.

Check your monitor calibration

You may not understand how important this point is until you get yourself in the situation. Calibrating the monitor means you have the option to set the calibration to the standard you want. It could be aligning it with the printer model or the expectation of the corporate or simply for real color setting. Remember to choose the right calibrator though.

Calibrating the monitor presents the image in a manner close to how you want others to see the picture. Sometimes the way you see it differs from what other people will see.

You may have taken lots of pictures with friends at a party for instance. When you get home and edit them, it is all excitement on your face as you check the work you have done. But try to look at the photos using another device, like a phone. Everyone will be different. Perhaps so golden and glow-y you any not even recognize your work.

You can avoid such embarrassment with monitor calibration. It is particularly important for those working between multiple devices. It helps in making sure the color is the same on all devices.

Correct color at the right time

Have you ever tried to read through a long text your body and mind are tired? Eyes also get tired after you have worked for a long time.

The best time to work on color correction is in the morning. This is the time when your eyes are fully energized and can discern color properly.

Physically print your work

Printing the work helps your present it in the most intended manner. The only issue is that printing can be expensive when you want to present the work in the lighting you want. Therefore, consider printing small silver of images to cover contrast. It also takes times, and you must be patient.

Get a friend’s opinion

Four eyes see better and wider than two. For this reason, create a good relationship with other photographers. You need each other. Sometimes your eyes skip common mistakes after you have stared at the image for too long, others will see better.

These tips will help make good use of color editing tools. Make sure you start with taking good photos from the word go.

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