Ukrainian man Yuri Lysenko, jailed for organizing a cybercriminal group who committed to doing financial theft and cyber fraud.

Lysenko pleads guilty for organizing the cybercriminal group OPS and the group includes 20 participants from Russia.

Meshchansky District Court on Wednesday sentenced Lysenko to 13 years for his part in stealing over $15 million from Russian banks, reads Russian Information Agency.

According to the case, papers published the hacker group stolen 39.5 million rubles from Promsvyazbank, 45 million rubles from Bank Uralsib, 106 million rubles from Trust Bank and 883.5 million rubles from Bank Zenit.


The hacker group uses some specially crafted tools to withdraw funds from bank customer accounts and make the bank’s to repay the customer considering the transaction is failed.

According to prosecution reports, the hacker group transfers money to their cards and with then the malware would cancel the transaction in the middle of execution.

The transaction will get fail and the bank needs to repay the senders account, with this method cybercriminals doubled their money in the account.

Fourteen defendants were charged with organizing a criminal group, membership in a criminal group, cyber fraud, and theft. One of the group members Anton Testov was already convicted in the case.

Earlier this month a senior programmer of China-based Huaxia Banks jailed for 10 and a half years for developing a way to withdraw more than US$1 million through ATMs as free cash.

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