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Instagram Hacks has grown in leaps and bounds since its inception almost nine years ago. The platform now boasts more than one billion subscribers, with over 500 million of them checking their accounts on a daily basis.

Small businesses have managed to grow by simply showing their content on Instagram Hacks, and having their customers share widely, thus, getting even more clients.

You need to put in the work to enhance your engagement for your business to be seen in this sea of accounts. We’ve come up with 7 simple Instagram hacks that you can use to boost your engagement on this platform.

Instagram Hacks Make Use of All Instagram Features if You Can

Part of Instagram Hacks, Instagram has recently been developing a lot of new features. It turns out that the more features you use, the more Instagram bots prioritize your account. The reasoning behind this is that Instagram hacks wants diversity. This can only be achieved if users are utilizing the available tools to curate diverse content.

Posting Great Content

In accordance with the experts from The Small Business Blog, posting content goes hand in hand with using the available Instagram features in Instagram Hacks operation. It is a requirement that you post content since it is the only way that other users can get to know and interact with you.

However, posting is not enough. Try and be unique to attract attention to your account. You can customize your content in your own style using the various filters and editing tools. The more unique and interesting your content is, the more people you will attract.

Identify the Best Time to Post

Now that you know you are supposed to post content, you also need to know when to post and the frequency. You should know when your target audience is likely to be online. This calls for monitoring their behavior using Instagram Hacks analytics.

Posting content when most of your audience is active on Instagram increases the chances of them seeing and reacting to your content. You should also be consistent to keep your audience engaged. Try and post on a regular basis and at a specific time so that your followers can get the trend and always check out for it at that time.

Make Use of Instagram Stories in Instagram Hacks

Much as you are posting great pictures and videos on your feed, do not forget the potential of Instagram stories. In fact, these stories are of late the best way of showing your content to the world.

In Instagram Hacks More than 70% of Instagram users log in to their accounts simply to check on these stories. Rarely do users check on the main profile not unless they have a special interest. It is these stories then that you should post your most interesting content and do so on a daily basis. If your content is interesting enough, it will compel your visitors to check out your profile.

Part of Instagram Hacks – Use Videos

Videos get more engagement than images. Videos bring your audience closer as they are able to see you in action. They will respond more to this than just a simple picture. You can upload videos on your main feed or include them on your stories.

Those you add to your feed will stay there permanently not unless you choose to delete them. Take time to edit these as they will be there for long. You can add tags to these videos to expose them to more people. Those you add to your stories can be real life video with no editing. Such videos disappear after 24 hours. Make the most of both.

Go Live Once in a While

Once in a while, go live and show your followers what you do, and what your daily life is like.

Instagram users love such experiences. Your followers will be informed that you are going live and your video will be pinned right at the top of their feeds. Ensure that you interact responding to as many questions as possible and generally participating in the conversations that arise.

Use Contests and Polls

Contests and polls are a great way of interacting with your followers. You can use polls with Instagram stories where you ask questions that will draw your audience to participate or organize contests that offer various rewards. so follow all these, you will get the best result.

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