Malicious Android Apps are growing rapidly and it used to target victims in Many ways. Spreading Malware through malvertising campaign in Popular Forum Leads to automatically downloading Android apps by advertisements posted on forums.

This malvertising campaign Found in on of the Forum called “GodLikeProductions,” where used Reported about automatically apps are downloading when users visit the Forum.

Forums Hosts have randomly removed the visitors Complaints messages about this Malicious Advertisement which leads to Download the Malware Apps.

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Malicious Android ads leads to Malware auto Installation

Malicious Downloaded APK from Forum

Researchers From zscaler Discovered, the APK file called “ kskas.Apk,”  and the App name Mentioned as “Ks Clean,” which used to Automatically downloaded form the  “GodLikeProductions,”   forum.

Once this APK Automatically installed into victims Android Device, its asked to update the used by Displaying te fake system update pop-up.

This system updates popup only option presented to the user is to select the “OK” button, forcing the user to accept the message.

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Malicious Android ads leads to Malware auto Installation
Malicious Android ads leads to Malware auto Installation

Once Victims Pressed the “OK” Button, its promote into installing another Malicious APK file called “UPDATE”  This APK is stored locally inside the assets directory of the app. Once installed, the Update app immediately asks for Admin rights.

Malicious Android ads leads to Malware auto Installation

According to the Zscaler,”Once the app gains admin rights, it becomes impossible to remove it from the device. The traditional “Uninstall” option, by default, becomes disabled, because a user cannot remove apps with admin rights. Usually, one can uninstall such apps by first removing admin privileges via settings, but this app uses an unconventional method — registering as an Android receiver — to preserve its admin privileges.”

This malicious App Stats that, Once Victims tried to uninstall this app, suddenly phone gets locked for few seconds.

Some other suspicious activities, including:

  • Mount/Unmount filesystems
  • Read/Write bookmarks history
  • Overlay system window
  • Write Settings
  • Download Without Notification
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