MaxiDed takedown

MaxiDed the marketplace that provides servers for child pornography sites, Command-and-control servers, sending spam messages and for DOS attacks was takedown in conjunction with joint operations from Royal Thai Police and Dutch National Police.

Police seized more than 10 servers from MaxiDed also known as bulletproof hosting company, according to the archived version of the website the company hosts nearly 2,500 servers at 30 hosting providers in 82 countries.

Over the years bulletproof hosting company preferred by the number of cybercrime group, it was used in Carbanak Hacker Group who attacks against various banks, financial institutions, the e-payment gateways. Also, their servers used in Mirai DDoS botnet and with a number of spam campaigns.

MaxiDed takedown

Thai police arrested 29-year-old Moldavian man in Thailand at a holiday resort, according to investigators he also owns file sharing service that shares child pornography.

The Bulgarian police arrested the second man a 37-year-old Moldavian who suppose to be server administrator of MaxiDed.

MaxiDed takedown

Dutch police said that the data seized from ten MaxiDed servers will be handed over to Europol, so it can be distributed to other foreign law enforcement agencies.

Now the company’s site has been redirected to the Dutch police with the notice

“The police investigation focuses on the criminal activities of MaxiDed and the people behind MaxiDed.
MaxiDed uses the Dutch (digital) infrastructure to provide services to criminals by renting out servers from which criminal activities can be deployed such as sending spam messages and causing DDOS attacks. The takedown of MaxiDed is a coordinated effort by law enforcement agencies from Thailand and The Netherlands.”

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