Secret Deep web Hacking Forum Selling an ATM Malware to Compromise specific Vendor ATM Machine and instruct to cash out from the Target ATM by Exploiting hardware and software vulnerabilities.

Improperly Configured ATM’s are easily allowed to run Non-While-listing malicious software and it could lead to compromise the Entire ATM Machine by the Attackers.

Discovered Forum contains the information of ATM Malware kit and mentioned that,crimeware kit designed to empty ATM’s With helping of Specific vendor API without interacting ATM users and their data.

Initially it Published on the Dark-web Secret Market Place Alpha Pay and its Offers 3 Software.

  1. To Check the ATM Balance in 4 Cassette.
  2. To Make the ATM to cash out all the Money
  3. A Software the calculate the Code.

It is very easy to find detailed manuals of ATM malware and Anybody can buy them on dark net markets and use it Compromise the ATM.

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Traditional Anti Virus software has not Detected This Malware Since these Malware has developed with very sophisticated evasion techniques by this ATM Malware authors.

According to Kaspersky Researchers, The price of the kit was 5000 USD at the time of research. The AlphaBay description includes details such as the required equipment, targeted ATMs models, as well as tips and tricks for the malware’s operation. And part of a detailed manual for the toolkit was also provided.

Also Forum Described some necessary steps and things buy for compromise the ATM using this ATM Malware.

 Apart of a manual with text formatting applied

The manual provides usage descriptions for all parts of the tool set.

CUTLET MAKER – The list of crimeware from the kit consists of CUTLET MAKER ATM malware, the primary element, with a password generator .
Stimulator – an application to gather cash cassette statuses of a target ATM.
c0decalc – is a simple terminal-based application without any protection at all.

The Stimulator was possibly developed by the same authors. Its purpose is to retrieve and show the status information of specific vendor ATM cash cassettes (such as currency, value and a number of notes).

  1. Prepare an all tools, all the programs should be placed on a flash disk.
  2. Tools are a wireless keyboard, USB hub, USB cable, USB adapter USB a female to b female, Windows 7 laptop or a tablet ( to run code generator) and a drill.
  3. Find an appropriate ATM
  4. Open ATM door and plug into USB port.
  5. Execute Stimulator to see full information of all the ATM cassettes.
  6. Execute CUTLET MAKER to get it is code.
  7. Execute password generator on a tablet or on a laptop and paste CUTLET MAKER code to it, put the resulting password to CUTLET MAKER.
  8. Dispense the money from the chosen cassette.

This type of malware does not affect bank customers directly, it is intended for the theft of cash from specific vendor ATMs. CUTLET MAKER and Stimulator show how criminals are using legitimate proprietary libraries and a small piece of code to dispense money from an ATM. Examples of appropriate countermeasures against such attacks include default-deny policies and device control, Kaspersky Said.

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