A new Trojan Development Kits (TDKs) introduced by Chinese malware developers doesn’t require any coding skills to build your own Ransomware. You can generate Ransomware simply by filling the forms.

Cyber attacks are growing in number each year and are causing damage to organizations and people worldwide.In May 2017, the WannaCry ransomware infected about 300,000 computers in over 150 countries. Now Easy to build apps can cause more damage.

The app available to download in hacking Forums and also spotted on Chinese popular social networking messaging service.

Lockdroid Ransomware Variant

TDK is capable of developing a Lockdroid variant Ransomware and it was identified Symantec Android Security Expert Dinesh Venkatesan.

The app developers provided a very easy to use interface and any one can build Ransomware within minutes simply by filling the forms with the customization they want.

They classified it as Android.Lockdroid.E infects a device it screws the victim out utilizing a SYSTEM sort window and after that shows a payment note.

To generate the malware, all the user has to do is select what customization they need by filling out the on-screen kind.

Options obtainable for customizing include:

  • The message that’s to be displayed on the fastened screen of the infected device.
  • The key to being accustomed unlock the infected device.
  • The icon to be employed by the malware.
  • Custom mathematical operations to disarrange the code.
  • Type of animation to be displayed on the infected device.

After completing the form you need to subscribe to service, where you can chat with developers and need to make a one-time payment, once the payment completed your Ransomware is created and it will be stored on your Memory card.

Then all you need is to trick the victim into installing the malware, once installed it will lock the device and ask the victim to enter the unlock code.

Common Defences On Mobile Threats

Give careful consideration to the permission asked for by applications.
Abstain from downloading applications from new locales and just install applications from trusted sources.
Stay up with the latest version.
Encrypt your devices.
Make frequent backups of important data.
Install anti-malware on their devices.

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