Modern Smartwatches: applications and functionality

The smartwatch can be briefly described as a multifunctional electronic wristwatch device. Depending on the functions set by the manufacturers in a particular model, smartwatches find their application in many areas of human activity:

– play sports;
– tourism;
– active pastime;
– communication;
– ensure the safety of children and elderly family members.

What types of smartwatches are found in the market?

Depending on equipment level and performance, smartwatches may perform the following functions.

– Act as a timer, alarm clock, calculator, audio player, electronic notebook, GPS navigator, navigator, etc. You can find some of these features in watches such as Casio Oceanus, Rolex Daytona, and others.
– Remotely connect to a smartphone via Bluetooth technology.
– Function as a telephone (outgoing and incoming calls, messages).
– Monitor your heart rate, report on sleep quality, distance traveled and movement speed.
– Be used as a remote payment method for a bank card for goods and services.
– They will help you find a lost smartphone at the cinema, restaurant or guest.
– Give references on temperature, humidity and other weather parameters, height above sea level, traffic jams, exchange rates, and other important information.

Smartwatch Functions

All the diversity of smart pulse electronics offered by the market is conventionally divided into two groups: analog and digital.

Digital analog clock equipped with a certain set of functions that are very limited in features. As a rule, in such a smartwatch, there is additional equipment that records and reports events on the paired smartphone and sensors that track the activity of the device owner. There may also be a remote control function of the player or even the smartphone camera. According to their capabilities, analog timers are closer to smart bracelets.

Smartwatch Analog

Digital smartwatch built into its own computational core consisting of a processor and RAM. More advanced models are running an operating system, equipped with user memory, wireless network adapters, a SIM card slot.

The capabilities of these models are not limited to the programs established by the manufacturer. Users can expand device functionality by installing third-party apps on a synced Android or iOS smartphone, as well as on their own watch.

Currently, the smartwatch uses three versions of the operating system.

– Watches – This is an operating platform from Apple. Used only on wrist products exclusively by this company.
– Tizen – Samsung operating software. The platform is compatible exclusively with gadgets of this brand.
– Android Wear – Google’s most common system. It’s considered the best for smart hours. The software offers compatibility with smartphones running on the most common Android and iOS operating systems.

Although many people still think that the functions carried by smartwatches already exist in their cellphones, now global smartwatches sales continue to show increasingly encouraging results. For those who crave practicality, the use of smartwatches is not ignored at all. They are on average more resistant to shocks than most smartphones.

BALAJI is an Ex-Security Researcher (Threat Research Labs) at Comodo Cybersecurity. Editor-in-Chief & Co-Founder - Cyber Security News & GBHackers On Security.


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