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malicious fleeceware apps

Over 3.5 Million iPhone & iPad Users Installed Malicious Fleeceware from Apple’s App Store

More than 30 malicious fleeceware apps found in Apple’s official App Store. These apps are aimed to make financial frauds.
Adware Apps

85 Malicious Android Apps Discovered in Google Play Store that Affected 9 Million Users

Researchers discovered around 85 malicious adware apps from Google play store that downloads more than 9 million Android users around the world.

35 Malicious Anti-Virus Apps Discovered in Google Play store that Affected 6 Million Users

Researchers discovered 35 Malicious Android-based Anti-virus apps from Google Play store and the apps were downloaded and installed by more than 6 Million users...
Google Blocked

Google Blocked 700,000 Malicious Apps From Play Store in 2017

Google blocked nearly 700,000 Malicious Apps in 2017 alone that violated Google Play Store policies and Malvertising Apps which silently Performing malicious activities on...
Banking Trojan

Banking Trojan “BankBot” Infected More Than 150 Play Store Apps to Steal Bank...

Android Based Banking Trojan Called "Bankbot" Discovered from Google Play store and the Infected  Count Could be Around 150 to 160 apps Along with...


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