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Java Usage Tracker

Java Usage Tracker Critical Flaw Enable Hackers to Inject Arbitrary Files on Windows Systems

Newly discovered critical vulnerabilities in Java Usage Tracker allows the attacker to run arbitrary files in a vulnerable windows machine and escalate local privileges...
Fake Google Photos App

Hackers Abuse Microsoft Store & Publish Fake Google Photos App under Google LLC Name

Third-party developers abusing Microsoft Apps store & publish fake Google Photos App under the Google LLC name but it is originally an Ad clicker...
Fake Flash Updates

Fake Flash Updates pushing Malware to Inject XMRig Cryptocurrency Miners

Newly discovered fake flash updates malware pushing XMRing Cryptocurrency miners along with borrowing the original Adobe installer flash updater notification. Recent campaigns are pushing various malware...
29 million Facebook users

Facebook Now Revealed Hackers Stolen 29 Million Facebook Users Personal Data

Facebook now says hackers accessed 29 million Facebook users data by the recent data breach and stolen users personal details such as Email and...
Dark web marketplace

A Largest Dark Web Marketplace “Dream Market” Admin & Drug Dealer Sentenced 20 Years...

Dark web marketplace drug dealer Sentenced 20 Years in Prison for distributing controlled substances and conspiracy to launder money. A French man Gal Vallerius, aka...


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