The Future of Video Production: Top Video Production Trends of 2021 and Beyond

Currently, videos are the most consumed content on the internet. Any content you might be looking for-ranging from educational to entertainment- you can find them in an eye-catching, interesting and informative way on the internet through videos. Many types of videos are produce and shared over the internet. Here are the top trends of videos that are produced on the internet today.

Social Media Videos

These are videos produced to captivate viewers and engage them on the social network. These videos are most viewed since many people on the internet spend their time on social media platforms such as Tiktok and Instagram. In the past years, video contents have developed and become a part of our social media feeds. This is because videos have become more popular on social network. Here is some more insight about the videos trends in social media platforms you would create:

Ephemeral videos- These are short videos that have a limited period once they are uploaded. Most videos get automatically deleted after 24 hours. They are popularly used in WhatsApp status, Instagram and Facebook stories. The limited-time makes them more engaging, catching and highly addictive. Such videos can also help you in marketing since you are assured of having many audiences depending on the number of followers.

Vertical video- Vertical videos tend to be more eye-catching and attractive compared to horizontal ones. Therefore, you might consider producing a vertical video if you want it to grab your viewer’s attention quickly. There were once limited to Instagram feeds alone; however, they are now everywhere, including TikTok, Instagram Stories, and Snapchat.

Interactive Video

Interactive videos are produced to allow the audience to interact with what they are viewing. Marketers mainly use them in engaging their customers. As the names states, they have proven to be more effective when brands want to interact with customers and gaining conversions. The videos have continued trending since they are currently being used by almost everyone who wants to engage their viewers.

While producing such videos, you must make sure they are kept short, eye-catching, straight to the point and simple for your audiences to understand. For example, making a shopping video, in particular, would allow your viewers to make a purchase directly from the video. You can do this by adding a drop-down menu that will contain a CTA to your website. Companies such as Amazon are already using this kind of video to make quick online sales.

Personalized Videos

Suppose you are looking to produce a video that will incorporate your viewer’s details, such as their email address, name, and profile picture. In that case, a personalized video is the right one. The best thing is that you can use one base video in creating a personalized video where you can later edit and add effects allowing you to use the same video in every viewer. Personalized videos have also proven to build relationships and stimulate engagement between consumers and brands.

Anybody would want to feel special; thus, the video focuses on making your viewer feel valued. Because of their specific nature, personalized videos are highly shareable, making them very effective when engaging your viewers in your content. You can use personalized videos on your website home page, email, or even at the customer service page.

Animated Explainer Videos

Many businesses are currently using animations in marketing their products and services. Using animation, you can tell your story to your viewers in an attractive, entertaining and customer-friendly way. Using simple graphics, you can quickly connect to your audience and influence them in engaging with your content. Among many videos that are trending in 2021, animated videos keep growing every single day. You need to make sure you produce quality video content for your animation to be successful in helping you build your brand.

By looking at animations fromSpiel productions, you can use the following guidelines to make a quality animated explainer video.

  • It would be best to finish your script first. Make sure to mention key points that meet your viewer’s needs- start by addressing the needs.
  • Prepare your storyboard-make it interesting that your viewers would not bail from watching it.
  • Choose good softwarethat you will use to create your animation. Customize your video in a way that would build a connection between you and your target audience. It is also very important to make quality animation.
  • You also need to select a good music track to add to your video.
  • Hire a professional voice actor who will narrate your explanation.
  • Keep the video short.
  • Work with an animated production company for a professional video.

Video Blogs

Vlogging has also risen to be among one of the most viewed video content on the internet. Video blogs enable you to entertain, inspire or educate your viewer’s by recording yourself. Many people might see it hard to make a video; however, it may be simple than you think. Here are some tips in making a good vlog;

  • Plan your content
  • Use a quality camera
  • Use an external microphone for quality audio
  • Make sure there is adequate light
  • Choose a good background
  • Edit your video to remove any errors in your video
  • Share and promote your video

There is a lot of video content on the internet. You also can go ahead and create videos and share your creativity with the world. There are platforms such as YouTube where you can also get paid for your video. If you own a brand, videos can also help you market yourself and your company. Consider making videos that are currently trending for higher chances of quickly getting noticed by the world.


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