Got links? If you’re looking to attract visitors and achieve high conversion rates, then having an awesome looking website with relevant up-to-date information is only a fraction of the work.

Link building can improve your traffic rate by increasing your website’s visibility and ranking.

Types of Traffic-generating links

The most used way of categorizing links refers to where the links originate and where they are going.

Outbound links

When hyperlinks on your website take visitors to another website, then those links are outbound links. Don’t worry, outbound links will not cause you to lose your own traffic to the websites you are linking to.

On the contrary, if you begin with high-quality content on your site and link it to high-quality content on authority sites, then it’s quite likely your visitors will see you as a valid resource and continue coming back to you.

Inbound links

Hyperlinks coming from another website to yours are called inbound links or backlinks. They have the potential to boost your traffic rates by bringing customers directly to you. Inbound links tend to be the most sought-after of the three types of links.

Just as it is with outbound links, it is preferable to get inbound links from authority sites as opposed to non-authority ones.

Authority sites will generally have a high traffic rate and thus the potential to expose you to a large number of customers. Visitors on an authority site who see a link to yours may think of it as one expert referring them to another.

Internal links

These hyperlinks are the ones which direct visitors from one page on your website to another. They are useful for getting persons to move around your website and onto pages which emphasize buying into whatever it is you have to offer.

Internal links are also a good way to spread traffic around your website and multiply the benefits of inbound links. You do this by identifying which pages on your website have inbound links and then linking these pages to other pages on the site.

How do you build links?

Search engines, such as Google, scour the web and determine how websites relate to each other by assessing all three types of links.

They use the information to rank websites, with the most highly ranked sites guaranteed of getting the most organic traffic (traffic from persons who select your website from those generated when they search for a keyword or phrase).

There are software programs which help with this but if used improperly, they can have a detrimental effect on your ranking since search engines are looking for, and rewarding, “natural” linking.

Companies which specialize in providing Link Building Service are likely to do a better job of helping you to improve the quantity and quality of the links into, out of and around your website.


Link building is a big factor in developing a successful website with outstanding traffic rates. While it’s something you can attempt on your own, you’ll get much better results if you entrust your link building to an experienced service.


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