The 4 Best To Do List App for Android 2019

Nowadays, To do list app for planning and organization skills are not designated for grownups who are in the work environment.

It is essential to pick up planning skills as early as possible to be successful in school. As a student, you may be required to learn a broad course material within a limited time.

Even if you find an online platform and to do list app offering the best essay writing service, you still need to have a clearly rolled-out plan to help you complete the numerous essays required for your coursework.

Therefore, if you lack necessary planning, the workload may weigh down on you and cause stress.


The pressure resulting from the huge tasks at school may force you as a student to seek the services of a productivity app.

Although you may find some of the best sources online, you may find it challenging to collect and compile information from the scattered data sources without the assistance of some of the best productivity apps.

The custom apps ensure that you manage your time and divide your work into subtasks, which can help you meet the set deadlines.

The use of these planner and organizer apps, some of which are free, can help you effectively utilize the best essay writing service review online which assist you to determine top educational platforms to source papers  Although you have to pay for other productivity apps, you can also organize your work with other apps available for free. Below are some of the best productivity apps for android users.

Best To Do List App for android 2019

  • Evernote
  • Pocket
  • Todoist
  • myHomework Student Planner

1. Evernote

To do list app

Evernote is one of the best note-taking and To do list app that you, as a student, can use. The application is compatible with your computer and your smartphone, irrespective of the operating system they are running with.

Therefore, students with android devices should not be worried! The app allows you to write down on its paper-like interface. Alternatively, you can type down note from online essay review.

With additional features that enable you to take photos and record voice memos, you can capture photographs of class notes or record lectures.

This makes it easier for you to go back to your coursework whenever you want. Besides, with this app, you can access files from any of your devices.

2. Pocket

To do app

Pocket is one of the best free android To do list app that can help you as a student, arrange your work when conducting research. The application lets you save articles, websites, and videos to read or watch later.

Therefore, after locating a useful essay review, you can read it later offline or online. The application is available for iOS and PC users.

Consequently, you can also synchronize your files to access them across all your devices.

Once you have located your vital resources online, you do not need the internet to compile your final paper.

3. Todoist

To do list app

Todoist is a great to-do list and planner and To do list app that is free for your android phone. With the app, you can arrange your task neatly, making it easier for you to manage and follow up on the progress of your project.

Features such as color-coded priority level, productivity graphs, and recurring tasks make tracking your development straightforwardly.

The application is also integrated with Dropbox, Slack, and IFTTT, which ensure that you can store substantial data size and access them across various devices.

Although you can enjoy the app for free, you may be required to pay to access additional features.

4. myHomework Student Planner

myHomework Student Planner is another student planner and To do list app that can help you manage your time effectively.

myHomework Student Planner ranks among the best free android apps that can help you mark important dates on your calendar.

With the app, you can always mark your appointments, exam dates and deadlines to ensure that you do not miss any meaningful activity.

Also, the application lets you analyze your class schedule and grades to help track your class progress.

The notification feature for any upcoming event reminds you of any deadline or educational event that you might have forgotten.


Planning and organization are some of the imperative skills that you, as a student, must learn if you are to succeed in your education endeavors.

Lucky for you, there are numerous productivity-based To do list app that helps you optimally utilize your time and manage your tasks. With the apps, you stand to achieve excellent educational milestones within the limited time available.


  1. I recognize some of my favorite tools out there, thanks for sharing. My best experience so far was with Evernote.
    I’d like to mention Wunderlist that is unfortunately leaving us soon 🙁 Was a great tool with great ideas. We talked about it on our blog on Zenkit, we’d love your feedbacks :


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