Tor project

The Tor project is non-profit organizations that focus o development related to privacy and anonymity.

TOR is an important and popular tool. It is important because the Tor network offers the most effective way to surf the web anonymously, and it’s pretty popular – over 2 million people use it daily.

Tor enables its users to surf the Internet, chat and send instant messages anonymously and is used by a wide variety of people for both licit and illicit purposes.

The Tor project used by millions of users worldwide to protect their privacy and anonymity.


Tor Impact on COVID-19

Tor announced today that they “had to let go of 13 great people out of 35 employees who helped make Tor available to millions of people around the world.

The company also said that they will “move forward with a core team of 22 people, and remain dedicated to continuing our work on Tor Browser and the Tor software ecosystem.”

“The world won’t be the same after this crisis, and the need for privacy and secure access to information will become more urgent. In these times, being online is critical and many people face ongoing obstacles to getting and sharing needed information.”

For the Tor project, most of the fundings came from the US government, Users and private sectors, as everyone battling the COVID-19 economic crisis, the Tor team unable to generate funds.

“We are terribly sad to lose such valuable teammates, and we want to let all our users and supporters know that Tor will continue to provide privacy, security, and censorship circumvention services to anyone who needs them.”


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