Life as a student can be difficult at times. The good news is that not everything you do throughout your time in college has to be so difficult. There are a number of lifehacks and even app you can use to ensure that things are just a little bit easier. That’s exactly what we are going to look at here – some tips that can make your academics just a little easier to handle.

Tutoring and Other Services

Many people make the mistake of seeing academic aid as a blow to their pride. However, academic aid services can be a lifesaver for someone’s GPA. The most obvious choice is tutoring. Almost every college campus has some form of a tutoring program. Even if they don’t, there are often students who are using their knowledge of a subject to make extra cash. These services can help you to understand material your struggling with.

Another helpful resource can come from an essay writing company. Companies like these can help students who are struggling to write or edit an essay. They are also available for any writing style as well. This means you won’t have to go searching for help with a literature paper and a research paper separately.

Put Your Phone in a Cup

Putting your phone in a cup or glass might sound pointless, but if you’re a deep sleeper, it can make a world of difference. Waking up late and missing a class can be a real setback – especially if attendance is required. Unfortunately, you might not always hear an alarm.

When putting a phone in a glass, you are creating an amplifier. To put it very simply, the shape of the glass makes the sound bounce off it, making the noise louder. You can find the lifehacks and apps to be used in smartphones.

Bibliography Apps

Almost any paper you write will need a bibliography or page of sources. When using specific formats such as APA or MLA, though, it can get confusing on how to list these sources. This is where bibliography makers come in. These usually start by having you fill out fields of information. This usually includes a link to the source, the author, date accessed, and similar prompts. There are a lot of options out there for this sort of job. EasyBib is among the most popular.

Handwrite Notes

This one sounds a little old school but it works! At this point, many people are good enough at typing that they don’t necessarily need to think about it. When writing, on the other hand, individuals are forced to think about what they’re copying down. In fast-paced lectures, it can be useful to take digital notes then handwrite them out later.

Digital Planners

Classes, assignments, work – after a while, it all becomes a lot to keep track of. Paper and pen lists are a great tool, but they’re easy to forget about. What isn’t as easy to forget about, though, is a digital planner.

These often help students to keep track of important dates, make to-do lists, and create a class schedule. Then, to prevent you from forgetting, they offer reminders to tell you something is coming up. Usually, users can set these reminders as early as they want. There are plenty of options out there, but MyHomework Student Planner is an option available for iOS and Android.


Being in university can be difficult, but it doesn’t have to be. Available to you are a number of apps and tips that can transform the way you tackle assignments. Use the lifehacks and apps we’ve looked at today to pave an easier road for your semester.

BALAJI is a Former Security Researcher (Threat Research Labs) at Comodo Cybersecurity. Editor-in-Chief & Co-Founder - Cyber Security News & GBHackers On Security.


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