War Thunder: How to Play + 7 useful tips

War Thunder is a complex war game, which includes several game modes, types of machines, and the battlefield, where you will struggle. In the beginning, it may seem too much for one player to master all of the gameplay variants and to surpass opponents regularly. Still, the game is novice-friendly and provides all the necessary materials to get started properly. You will be presented with necessary materials and may additionally learn something from outside sources about the game and enhance your game. However, there is always something more to say about War Thunder tips. Here we present you another 7 tips, which will help you get your maximum from War Thunder.

Tip 1 Try all the machines

War Thunder features battles in skies, on land, and in one the sea. Aircraft, tanks, and battleships are equal participants of the game, and each element has deep gameplay mechanics. Before digging into a particular field, try to play each kind of battle vehicle, and see what experience suits you most. Warplanes are fast and agile, require reaction and quick thinking. Tanks have maneuverability and tactics; ground gameplay implies more strategic and thoughtful gameplay. Finally, battleships are the slowest and the most vulnerable types of war machines. The core gameplay of watercraft is teamwork and tactical combat. You may learn more about each type of gameplay in the War Thunder Review.

Tip 2 Don’t rush into simulation regime

The game provides several regimes: arcade, realism, and simulation. Simulation is the toughest mode of play, and, at the same time, it brings the full experience. These modes are available for all kinds of games, so you may mix up different vehicles and game modes. For example, you may play arcade warplanes, realistic tanks, and simulation battleships. However, you should not challenge yourself with the simulation mode right from the start. Try arcade and realistic modes to have a grasp of the game’s pace, mechanics, and dynamics during battles. War Thunder is a complex game, which differs from other arcade MMOs, so you don’t want to rush into the top ladder from the start.

Tip 3 Play with Joystick

The game supports keyboard and mouse, gamepad, and joystick on all actual platforms. You may play in any way you feel comfortable and suitable. However, a joystick may provide you a fuller experience of maneuvering a battle vehicle. Warplanes are the best pick for the joystick. Unlike a keyboard, a joystick is more sensitive to slight movement. Besides, the joystick gives more immersion because it replicates aircraft steering wheels. Tanks and warships may require other devices, but joystick for aircraft is a new level of gaming experience.

Tip 4 Learn the tutorials

It may sound boring, but you should watch the introductory tutorial videos on the War Thunder website. You will have your training flights and starting missions with ships and tanks. However, tutorial videos give more than simple gameplay mechanics explanation. You will learn the basics of the game strategies, interaction with the interface, and resources management. Eventually, you will learn everything from the actual games, but tutorial videos may save you a lot of time and awkward losses.

Tip 5 Choose the field in which you feel more comfortable

After you watched the tutorial videos and tried to play every kind of vehicle, you may want to choose a specific field to master your skills. There’s no single right way of how to play War Thunder or how to win most of the game; each player eventually develops a unique playstyle, which brings them victory or defeat. You may play casually in arcade modes and have your piece of the pie. However, if you want to master the game and bring epic thunder on your enemies, then it would be wise to choose one of the options and develop your skills in that direction. War Thunder gives deep and thoughtful gameplay for each type of war machines, and even fast dogfights of aircraft turn into mind games against your enemies, where technical performance is a bare minimum for victory but not the key to it.

Tip 6 Join the community

It is always more fun to learn the game with friends! You may join with your squad or find one in the game’s community. There are official forums and fan communities dedicated to the game. Besides, there is warthunder live, where people share their content, the most successful moments, and art. War Thunder is an MMO game, which implies communication. More experienced players may give you a valuable piece of advice or even help to gain experience. A well-coordinated work of a team has more chances for success than a party of random players. Socialization within the game is a part of its experience, as well as team play and well-developed tactics.

Tip 7 Have Fun!

This tip may seem a bit obvious and odd in this list, but it is still important. It will match any battle vehicle and any mode of play. War Thunder is a challenging, competitive game with progress to earn, battles to lose, and negative emotions to cope with. Therefore, don’t forget to play not for victory but for the thrill of a fight itself. War Thunder is one of the most immersive products available on the market. The war game gives qualitative graphics and regularly updates it. The game has a realistic model of damage for the machines and respective reactions to such damages. The sound design of the game is also impressive. War Thunder may give an exciting experience if a player is ready to see the whole picture but not to pursue only the victory.

These tips shall serve you as a starting point in your War Thunder journey. None of the guides available will make you a skillful player, only time and dedication. Therefore, see these tips as a guide on how to approach the game; and how to get a full and satisfying experience from game matches.

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