What is Web Design? And How Can it be Used for Businesses?

Web design does what it says on the tin, it refers to the design of websites on the internet. A web design company or department aim to maximise user experience as opposed to the overall functionality of the site for creators, this originally involved doing so for desktops, but now designers need to account for the huge increase in popularity and demand of mobile and tablet use.

These design features are determined by the audience for the sites and web designers focus on aspects which determine its connection to their wants and needs, such as…

  • Colour
  • Layout
  • Navigation
  • Appearance
  • Images
  • Font
  • Responsive Design

This type of design allows content to differ depending on the device used by audiences, to make it fit appropriately to screen sizes. This feature allows customers the freedom to view on any device they please and ensure that when they do so with consistent quality without their experiences being negatively affected. This design encourages trust and gives them control.

  • Adaptive Design

This design refers to the creation of multiple versions of a website to better accommodate devices, browsers and screen sizes. Adaptive design works out which version will give users the best experience, making websites more mobile-friendly, which is of increasing importance.

How Can it be Used for Businesses?

  • To Give the Right First Impression

Design determines how customers perceive your brand. First impressions count as customers will view your website and make assumptions of your whole business in a matter of seconds. Your website needs to make a positive impression right away, even before audiences have the chance to read or browse content. Clutter, unappealing or outdated designs don’t send the right message to users, you want your viewers to proceed with their actions on your site as opposed to a competitor and that is achieved by its appearance.

  • To Build Trust

A poorly designed website doesn’t set high expectations for goods or services, the same goes for outdated or unmaintained designs. People are not going to trust your business ability to care for them and their needs if they cannot do so for their site.

If people are going to spend money with your business, they want to trust that it will be worth it and if they do, then they will become loyal and revenue will continue to flow.

  • To Maximise Website Actions

Since the rise of online business, customers have come to expect more and are in search of ease and convenience…. This is where web design is most useful to your business.

Web design is used with user experience in mind, optimising that can do wonders for your business. Easy navigation and simple design allow users to easily find what they are looking for without the inconvenience of having to search.

Attention spans are decreasing throughout visitors, meaning that their needs must be met immediately to avoid them seeking competitors and ensure users become customers.

  • To Maintain Consistency

Consistency leads to your brand being easily identifiable, achievable through website style. Colour, format and layout across all pages strengthen your business identity, not to mention making edits easier for you, as each page follows the same style and so new content can be added quickly.


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