Recorded Calls

An Unprotected server exposed the sensitive Medical related recorded calls
as audio files that make 1177 since 2013 that received by the healthcare representative.

1177 is a Sweden based Healthcare website and telephone service with information, advice, and services within health and care for Swedish peoples.

These recorded calls stored in open server without password protection and none of other security Implementation.

The report revealed by a Computer Sweden and they listened to some of the conversations to form an idea of ​​the extent of the leak and the damage to the public.

The recorded calls includes some of the very sensitive conversation about the diseases and ailments about the patients and their symptoms along with previous treatments.

Apart from this, some of the records contains the caller number which contain nearly 57 000 Swedish telephone numbers appear in the database.

The saved audio files about the patients and their conversation should be treated with confidentiality according to the patient data law .

According to Computer Sweden , “when a person wants to receive advice via the 1177 Healthcare Guide by telephone, the calls are linked either to the nursing region’s own employees nurses, which takes place in most care regions, or they are linked to the companies that are entrepreneurs for the healthcare regions that allow contractors to take care of the advice”

Computer Sweden reached to the Inera, a limited company owned by Swedish county councils, regions and municipalities and the Inera said” “takes this very seriously and works with the three affected regions and subcontractors to analyze the problem and ensure that it is rectified.”

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