200 Million Installed Keyboard App “GO Keyboard” Spying & Stealing Data Via Remote Server

One of The Most Famous Android keyboard Application "GO Keyboard" Secretly Spying the User Input Activities and collecting a large amount of data that will...

Around 7 Countries ISP Maybe Supporting Hackers in the Distribution of FinFisher Spyware

Security experts spotted a new malware campaign of well know Spyware FinFisher also called FinSpy spreading through Internet Service Providers (ISPs). FinSpy comes with extend...

Chinese Advertising Android SDK Spying on Android Users by Downloading Malicious...

Chinese advertising software development kit (SDK) called  Igexin has an ability to Spying on Victims via downloading malicious plugins that have more than 500 apps...

Mobile Spying Software: The Spyware That’s Secretively Plaguing Our Devices

The surveillance industry is getting big, and by that, I mean REALLY big! The video surveillance industry alone is set to be around $72...


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