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How to Make a Dedicated Development Center with Cyber Security Principles

Are you looking for a team that can help find cyber attacks and issues in your network and eliminates them? Learn how to do so with this quick guide.

Making high-quality software starts with great people, but it can be complicated finding them. Since the tech industry is a highly competitive field, it’s more important to create a skilled team to make the software you’re planning to create.

And you need a team where the members know each other, so there’s no friction between them. Here are the most efficient ways that you can make a dedicated development center. Within the first section, we’ll show you what to look for in good team members. In the final section, you’ll learn how to create a cybersecurity culture that rewards them for protecting your company

Finding Your Cybersecurity Team

  • When deciding who you’re going to how it might be enticing to pick the “team player” first – the all-rounder employee who can get along with the team and works as a group and not an individual. They have the aim to complete the project and develop software to the best of their ability.
  • While this is a good employee to have on your team, they have their downfalls as well. Most “team players” like to play it safe and aren’t overly inventive or creative; personality traits that you’ll need to make good programs.
  • By all means, you should have a few team players on board – you want everyone to have your company’s ambitions and goals in mind. Besides, you don’t want to be reliant on this trait to decide who is great for your team.
  • Making interesting software is about turning ideas into quality programs. So you should outsource your team to nearshore software developers. You should get experts and nearby countries that will help you make the applications that you need.
  • Having these people contribute to your team can give you valuable input from a new perspective, they can see the project from a distance and come up with solutions that will give your final product a huge advantage in the marketplace. Also, it could help create debate and creativity amongst other teammates, and improve your software’s development as well.

Also, keep your senior members in mind during your teammate selection process. Any team is made of a myriad of people with different temperaments and attitudes.

While some new members might express unhelpful behavior or problematic outbursts – because they might not be able to stay emotionally in check or agree with a certain direction or proposal. Having experienced personnel on your team helps create a strong foundation and can help move the project forward.

You should also look for elite candidates for your dedicated development center. These workers are at the top of their game – the best thinkers in the industry – so you’re going to need some in your team.

If you’re unable to find one in your country, then you should outsource for nearshore developers; a tactic that many firms are using. You’ll be able to obtain high-level expertise so that you can create the best software applications available.

Once you have a team formed and selected, then you have to manage them to keep them on track. You want your members working seamlessly together, and stop distractions from working.

However, problems will occur, especially with creative thinkers, which tend to clash with other users. If they do, then step in and mediate the situation so that all sides are heard and provide an acceptable solution to help keep the project moving.

Once you’ve found your team that consists of intelligent developers, IT specialists, and security enthusiasts, you’ll have to learn how to develop them.

How To Develop A Cyber Security Culture With Your Team

While creating software is an important aspect of your company, your team has to be onboard with cybersecurity protocol. We’ve dedicated this section to give you some tips so that you can keep your team safe and help them be aware of the cyber issues that can occur within your company.

Focus on Creating Awareness With Your Team.

Cyber Security security awareness allows you to teach your team basic lessons on security. You must gauge each of team member’s ability to discover threats before trying to assist them in understanding the severity of threats within your network.

Security awareness is avoided by some companies because of the complex procedures used to show it. In-person reviews and posters might be boring and tedious, but they don’t have to.  Add some extra creativity to your awareness efforts and your team will be able to detect cybersecurity attacks faster.

Also, your team needs to know how to apply this security knowledge. These members might be apart of the IT department or assist with the engineering, so teach them cybersecurity early so they can implement it in their work.

You could employ AppSec awareness in order to help them learn advanced concepts on creating secure services and products.

Awareness occurs throughout the entirety of your organization, so don’t ignore an issue that has occurred within your company (ex. Data breach, insider attacks, etc.).

Problems are going to occur in your business, and most of the time this will be tied back to a security problem. Increase the efficiency of your cyber security culture during these moments.

Don’t try to forget the security problems, but use them as examples to help your team perform better. Your team wants to perform well and bring value to your company, so create an awareness program to show them the right way.

Reward Cybersecurity Aware Members

When a member completes your cybersecurity awareness program, you should find opportunities to celebrate their success. A small cash reward of $100 is a big motivator for some people and will make them remember the cybersecurity lesson that gave them the money.

As a result, they will also tell their coworkers the received money for finishing the program, and then those 5 coworkers will jump onto the cybersecurity training program immediately. If you’re apprehensive about giving out $100 per employee, think about the return on investment you’ll be receiving. By teaching your workers how to prevent a data breach, it will save you more than the $100 spent in the long run.

Give opportunities for your team members to play a larger role in the cybersecurity of your company. If security is important, you should reward your employees by giving growth potential to the members that are dedicated to protecting your company.

You should give your team members the opportunity to obtain a degree in cybersecurity. For instance, universities are now offering cyber security degrees for those that are interested in protecting online networks.

Once again, stand behind your company’s value and sponsor your employees that want to learn cybersecurity. Doing this sends a good message throughout your organization and helps everyone work together to keep your network safe.


Make sure that your team receives your support when they are learning about cybersecurity. This will keep your organization equipped with an intelligent staff that’s dedicated to protecting your company from any outside attacks.

Thus, by establishing cybersecurity principles early, you’ll be able to improve the quality of your development center and help you reach future organizational goals.

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