Facing Slow internet connection? Check here why

Many users all around the world suffer from a slow internet connection. A there is a different thing that can affect the performance of a connection such as speed provided by ISP, Modem quality and capacity, Quality of medium and number of users etc. But, you must go through this article if you are also facing a slow internet connection problem. 

The following can be the reasons for a slow internet connection.

1.     LAN Card/Ethernet Card:

People pay high fees for the internet but do not get enough out of it due to the capacity of LAN/Ethernet Card. The old cards cannot match the new technologies, and outdated card can decrease the speed of an internet connection up to 50%. 

2.     Background Programs:

Many of us do not know but there are several services that not only use CPU but also use the internet to keep up with real-time. Antivirus and back-software are a good example here. You can see a noticeable difference in the speed of the internet after exiting any of the. You can see the analytics in the task manager. You can use different software that keeps additional background services running. It will not only increase the internet speed but also make your computer run better.

3.     Out-dated-drivers:

The outdated drivers are not able to keep us with new configurations resulting in a slow internet connection. Keep your operating system and all drivers up to date to get your system’s best performance. You may have seen. Many computers use driver even from back 2005. Do many people get better internet performance after installing the best drivers for the device?

4.     External \interference:

If you have got all the supplies right such as the latest modem, a fine internet connection and good computer, there must be external interference that causes a problem in internet speed. Keep your modem away from other lines such as telephone line or some other wireless device.

During peak hours, it is very common to face internet problem. During the night and afternoon, the most of users around are busy on the internet. During the covid-19 every hour was like peak hour as everyone was connected just through the internet. 

5.     Data Throttling:

Many of us are not aware of the term Data Throttling. The Internet service providers intentionally slow down the internet connection. It is generally done to regulated traffic; it is just like bandwidth control. You can know if you are being throttled. Data throttling is legal in some cases, but they are obligated to inform the customer/user before doing it.

6.     Try resetting your modem and configuration:

By updating configuration and resetting the modem, you may fix some bugs and issues that keep the internet connection from running properly. Re-setup the modem and all wires and cables before complaining to your internet service provider. Find an antivirus connection that uses the least amount of data in the background. Never disable the antivirus, as it can be the cause of major data loss.

Change your Service provider for the internet if you still get issues. Find the best ISP in your area. IN different areas different ISP provide better internet connections. You may have to pay higher for a good connection but will not regret these extra bucks. Keep yourself away from Cache connections, in which specific websites like Google, YouTube or Facebook worked good but do not provide the same speed as for other websites. You should also know the difference between an Mb and MB per second speed. Many people get attracted to higher Mbs speed. We hope this article will be helpful for you.

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