FireEye Hacked

The hunter becomes the hunted.

FireEye, a California-based cybersecurity giant is the latest victim to have its systems hacked. Fireeye states that the hacker may be “a nation with top-tier offensive capabilities.”

It is ironic that a firm that has actively been involved in the fight against cybercriminals now finds itself at the end of one such attack, where its proprietary “Red Team” hacking tools have been stolen.

Kevin Mandia, FireEye’s CEO states in a blog post that the attack bears a high level of sophistication and that the threat actors are highly trained and organized, based on the nature and technicality of the attack. However, there is no disclosure regarding the nature of the attack or when it had been carried out.


Fireeye has now teamed up with the FBI and Microsoft to battle against the nation state-hackers, and investigations are currently underway.

Fireeye’s “Red Team” is a tool that is used to test its client’s security, and the hackers have stolen this. However, there is no clarity on what the attackers plan to do with this. In the meantime, Fireeye has developed more than 300 countermeasures to mitigate the risk against various scenarios.

The countermeasures are specifically targeted to detect and block the use of the Red Team tools. The countermeasures have also been shared on a blog post so as to be available to all.

The good news out of this entire fiasco is that there are no “zero-day vulnerabilities” that have been exploited.

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