Here's How You Can Gain Followers on Twitch Fast

Are you a gaming content creator striving to gain followers on Twitch? Or are you planning to start creating content on Twitch but need help on how to start? In any case, you have come to the right place my friend. Gaming content has got all the hype right now, with the global upsurge in gamers, as well as video games themselves. With games like Pokemon Go, Fortnite, and PUBG that have become global gaming sensations with hundreds of millions of players around the world, now is the right time to step into the gaming content world. Now, game streaming has spread like wildfire, with lots of platforms for it, but since you’re here reading this article I’m assuming that you already know that Twitch is the most popular game streaming platform online as of now. So let’s talk about Twitch itself, to begin with.

The Twitch Hype

So twitch started out back in 2011 primarily as a small video game live streaming portal. Soon, it gained a lot of popularity and was acquired by Amazon in 2014. According to statistics, as of July 2018 Twitch had over 1.5 million broadcasters, and over 20 million daily viewers who were regular visitors, along with millions of concurrent users. With its enormous success, Twitch also elaborated from being a gaming live streaming platform, to being one for music streaming, podcasts, eSports competitions and tournaments, creative content, and even a recently added “In real life” streams section. So now that we know what all the hype around twitch is all about, let’s talk about how you can make the best of it, by gaining huge numbers of followers on Twitch although the most effective way is to buy Twitch followers for a start, using legitimate online marketing sites.

  1. What are you offering?

In order for people to follow you, or take out their time for streaming your content, you need to make sure that it is worth their while at the least. That being said, your content should be something that’s very engaging and enjoyable for them. So ask yourself this question: What can I offer my potential viewers? Because as we said above, there are 1.5 million (and counting) content broadcasters on Twitch already, and if you’re reading this, that means you are somewhere very down below in that list. Now, it may seem difficult to make content that everyone likes, and it really is, to some extent, but there’s a skill to it that can be acquired. You need to have a Gaming P.C or gaming laptop with the best GPU. Or If you cannot buy a new laptop, You can use the External Graphics Card.

  • The secret to good content

A friend of mine who started out on Twitch about 8 months ago has over 6 million monthly views told me his strategy, that I’m going to share with you now. So according to him, a broadcasting account that will draw a lot of viewers needs to have three characteristics: Quality, Trend, and Regularity. In short, the content should be high quality; so don’t be shy investing time, energy, or even money for that matter on your content, your feed, your layout, etc. Secondly, it needs to be related to the trending topics of social media, things are gaining all the hype now, so that people get drawn to it. And lastly, it needs to have a consistent flow of content, that makes people want to come back again and again to your account, and press that follow button. So now that we’ve sorted out the secret to good content that draws attention, let’s talk about how you can supplement it with marketing and engagements.

  • How to sell?

Now selling the content is where most content developers usually go wrong. Although the process is simple, the task in itself can be very hectic unless you have a well planned strategy to work with. As a beginner, you’ll be needing lots of jumpstars to boost your account. You need to engage with fellow users, with top boradcasters, participate in competitions, etc. Another very effective way for a start are servers like kickass proxy, torrents, etc. Remember that word of mouth publicity goes a long way, and therefore the more people know about you, the more are chances of other people getting to know about you from them. So engage lot, not just online, but even offline: attend Twitch summits, tournaments, events, etc. Try collaborating with other broadcasters so that you both gain mutually.


So this was our guide on how to gain followers on Twitch. Hopefully, we covered everything in it, from basics of Twitch, to the building blocks for content, and the strategies for marketing your content. All said and done, if you follow these tips smartly, you’ll gain an immense following on Twitch in no time. If there’s anything that you think we should add to the list, or anything you want to ask about from whatever’s up there already, you’re most welcome in the comments section!

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