German politicians

A Massive data leak online exposed hundreds of German politicians personal and sensitive data including the German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Unknown hacker released these sensitive data via twitter under the Twitter account name of “G0d” (@_0rbit) which is now suspended.

The hack was targeted the currently represented in the federal parliament, except for the far-right Alternative for Germany (AfD).

Stolen data that was published on the internet that contain mobile phone numbers, contact info, and credit card details from members of Germany’s major parties.

Leaked data also contains the financial details, ID cards, and private chats, bank information and the whole information may have been stolen from cloud services, email accounts or social networks, DW report says.

“Two Twitter accounts @_0rbit and @_0rbiter were used to distribute the material. – It took Twitter way too long to take them down. also Google was faster in taking down the blog that was used. “

@_0rbit was created in February 2015 and had over 18k followers. – Most of the followers were probably bots. They followed the account in batches in April 2017.

More than 92% of @_0rbit‘s followers have less than 50 followers, show no signs of “human” activity = most likely bots.

The Federal Criminal Police Office, the Office for the Protection of the Constitution and numerous other authorities are involved in the case, including state authorities. Coordination is with the National Cyber ​​Defense Center.

“Germany’s federal office for information security, the BSI, said in a tweet on Friday, that it was investigating the hack with the National Cyber Defense Center. It hasn’t found any evidence that the government’s network was compromised by a cyberattack. “

Another tweets from Twitter official states that the released data contains,

  • Over 40 dumps. 25 in December 2018.
  • Most of them are small. (Still a crime to release it.)
  • They contain private addresses, phone numbers, skype and mail addresses as well as semi-public information (eg. names of relatives).

Here you can see the data leaked Twitter account Web archive where the handle posting various data and its links.

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