The trend of Cybercrime-as-a-Service continues to evolve in dark web forums, a new DDoS-for-Hire service spotted by FortiGuard Labs team that allows a novice attackers to launch DDoS attacks on any site anonymously and take the site offline.

The DDoS-for-hire dubbed “0x-booter” was first appeared on October 17, 2018, the service allows anyone to sign up with them and an easy interface to learn and use the service.


According to Facebook advertisement 0x-booter contains over 500 Gbps of Bandwith speed and 20,000 bots. At the time of researcher analysis, the network speed was 424.825 GB/s and only 16,993 bots were connected. This network speed is more than enough to take down most of the websites.


“Like any other DDoS-for-hire, initiating a DDoS attack is made through a web user interface, which avoids the need for direct contact between the user and the bot master. In the attack hub interface, as shown below, the details of the host or domain, port, attack duration, and the type of attack can all be configured before launching an attack.”


The control panel provides a number of DDoS attack options and the price varies between $20 to $150 depending on the number of attacks and the duration.


Researchers believe more than 300 attacks was since from Oct 14th, according to their analysis Bushido botnet behind the DDoS-for-hire service.

Bushido botnet contains a different set of usernames and passwords to target devices not infected by Mirai and it adds exploits as like Mirai.

Mirai checks only for specific ports such as 22, 23, and 80, whereas Bushido checks 29 different ports. FortiGuard published a detailed analysis report.

Researchers said Mirai has 10 known attack options and the Bushido has 13 attack options as mentioned in mentioned in 0x-booter.


With further analysis, it was detected that the code used the website and the botnet is copied from the open source scripts and modified according to their requirements.

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