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Industrial Automation Tools and Methods in Canada

Industrial automation is a trend that can be neither denied nor ignored nowadays. Also, there is no doubt that one of the main industrial automation tools is robotics. Robots have been widely used in manufacturing facilities for ages, but now, their roles and responsibilities are expanding.

It is still far from the moment when robots will be able to replace people. However, robotics is developing rather fast. But have you ever thought about what industries have made this development possible?

That’s right, those are all the companies that manufacture parts needed to make a fully-functional robot. For example, robotics for industrial applications relies heavily on actuators built in the facilities on Progressive Automation in Canada. There, the main moving parts for robots are produced: mini- and micro-linear actuators.

Role of Electric Actuators in Robotics for Industrial Automation

Actuators made it possible to create all those moving parts of industrial robots. Thanks to the actuators, a robot now can catch, push, pull, lift, and move objects. In other words, they can perform those heavy and monotonous operations that usually are either complicated or even impossible for people. Thus, automation at this level allows to eliminate some drawbacks when it comes to the performance of specific tasks by people:

  • People get bored by doing monotonous tasks. Thus, their attention level drops, and as a result, more accidents happen. Machines though don’t have this drawback;
  • People need breaks and sometimes, get sick. A machine though is expected to work during the service life with no significant interruptions;
  • People are more expensive (consider wages, bonuses, extra payment for extra hours);
  • people aren’t willing to work in hazardous conditions. While for robots, it is not an issue. Basically, robots have already replaced people in places where a danger to human health or life exists.

Now, there are robots able to perform work with the top precision level. This is also due to one of the most valued features of linear actuators: the movement precision. There are robots that can perform tasks where exceptional accuracy is needed. One of the examples is spot welding on cars. A human cannot do it but a robot can.

Will Robots Replace People?

In some cases, the replacement has already taken place. However, there are some realms where humans will prevail for many centuries more. For example, in non-standard situations, where original solutions and decisions are needed, humans still are irreplaceable. Yes, the AI learns very fast but still, to handle non-standard situations, it needs to be developed.

Even to build and improve the robots, people are needed. Therefore, we can make a conclusion that for now, it is too early to talk about a complete replacement of people by robots.

Is Automation Necessary Indeed?

Yes, absolutely. At least it is necessary for companies who want to manage the competition and continue working efficiently. It doesn’t matter where the company is located: in a highly industrialized country like Canada or in a third-world country, automation is a key to the further development and, in the very end, the survival of the company.


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