Amnesia ransomware

It was found by xXToffeeXx and developed with Delphi programming language.They use to encrypt up to the initial 1 MB of documents utilizing AES-256 encryption in ECB mode.

Once the documents are bolted along these lines, the malware will attach the “.amnesia” extension to them.

Victims are forced to pay ransom to unlock the file and it ranges between $500 to 1500 in Bitcoins.

Emsisoft Decrypter for Amnesia

The decrypter obliges access to a record combine comprising of encoded document and the original one, decoded form of the encrypted file to remake the encryption keys expected to decrypt whatever information remains.

Kindly don’t change the file names of unique and encoded document, as the decrypter may perform record name correlations with deciding the right record augmentation utilized for encrypted documents on your framework.

Step1: To download the decrypter.

Step2: Once download drop the original and encrypted file into the decoder EXE.

Step3: After files released from mouse click the decrypter will begin to reconstruct the encryption parameters and time duration depends upon Ransomware.

Decrypter for Amnesia Ransomware
Source:  Emsisoft

Step4: The decrypter will show the reproduced encryption points of details once the recovery procedure wrapped up.

Step5: Next it shows License agreement click I agree.

Step6: After accepting terms and conditions the decrypter will pre-populate the locations to decrypt the files also there is an options tab which varies depending upon the malware family.

Step7: After you included every location need to decode to the rundown, click “Decrypt” to begin the decoding process.

Decrypter for Amnesia Ransomware
Source: Emsisoft

Step8: Decrypter will show the results once the process completed.

Decrypter for Amnesia Ransomware
Source: Emsisoft

You can also click save log button if you like to have the copy of records.


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