Instagram Stories (ig Stories) is one of the most important concern in Instagram that has grown to be more than just a photo sharing and social app. It is now a serious marketing platform that every organization should take seriously. One of the ways of marketing and promoting your brand on Instagram is through the now popular Instagram stories.

More than 500 million stories are posted every day on Instagram. Most Instagram users log in to their accounts just to check the stories and move on. With such a massive number of stories, yours might just pass by unnoticed if you do not share it in a creative manner.

Some account users employ Instagram bots to post content, but this might not beat the competition as users are more attracted to stories with a more personal touch.

One of the ways of giving your stories this personal touch and make them more engaging is incorporating polls. These polls involve posing questions to your followers and customizing a choice of two responses. Here are five innovative ways you can use these polls on your Instagram stories.

Instagram Stories Gathering Ideas and Feedback

Instagram Stories (ig Stories) polls allow you to create questions and allow your followers and fans to respond to yes or no responses. You can take this opportunity to gather data about your brand and company.

You can ask your audience what they would like to see and if you should increase your frequency of posting such content. Before introducing a new product in the market, you can first ask your existing clients what they think about that particular product. Make sure you engage your audience and remember to share the results of any poll you put up.

Learn More About Your Clientele

Businesses thrive by understanding market dynamics. One of the aspects that make up these dynamics is consumer behavior. If you understand consumer behavior, you will be in a position tailor a customer-centric approach with the aim of fulfilling their needs, the most efficient strategy of growing your clients base and subsequently your business.

And what another better and easier way than simply asking your followers and fans the right questions using polls on Instagram stories? You can learn about your audience’s likes and what they do not like, and get to know what they need you to post more often. You also get to create a deeper connection with your audience building loyalty and trust.

Educate and Enlighten Your Followers via Instagram Stories

You have that upcoming launch and you want your audience to know all about it and get ready. Instagram polls would be a good way to make this announcement and create expectations. Also, you buy real Instagram followers.

Make sure you deliver though. If you want to show a new aspect or angle of your brand, you can still use these polls. In Instagram stories (ig Stories) users long for new stuff and are excited by simple but new developments. So, if you want to keep your audience on the knowledge and improve your engagement, then these polls are the way to go.

Drive Traffic to Your Official Page

Another great and creative way of using these polls is to tailor the polls to increase the traffic to your site and improve its google ratings. At Instagram Stories (ig Stories) Instagram allows business accounts with more than 10k followers to add links to their stories. Users might simply ignore these links if there is nothing to pique their interest.

This is where the polls come in. Create a poll that will capture the interest of your follows and compel them to swipe up to go to your official page. You can also make direct sales using the same strategy. Use interesting questions that users cannot bypass.

Use Polls to Entertain

Never forget that entertainment is the central element Instagram is founded on. As you are informing, educating and enlightening your clients, have it in mind that you should include an element of entertainment for them to keep checking your account.

Instagram stories polls are a good way of doing this. Post content that your followers will love watching and interacting with. Entertaining content connects you to your followers on a personal level. Show the human side of you that can be approached and interacted with. By interacting with you, they will be interacting with your brand.

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