Meta decided to expand its new security program which is named Facebook Protect, it is a security-enhancing program that is typically created to protect all the accounts of users that have a high risk of being attacked by the threat actors.

In this program, Facebook decided to make two-factor authentication (2FA) mandatory for the accounts that have a very high risk of being attacked.

This program will help the users have stronger security protection, which includes 2FA. It will also provide further protections for accounts and pages and not only this, but it will also check the potential breaches as well.

What is Facebook Protect?

There are many such accounts that require additional security during an election cycle. That’s why the Facebook Protect program has been created by Meta to protect all those users’ accounts that have a high risk of being hacked.

This new Facebook Protect program will help all the candidates for active elections, their election campaigns from distributing any scams or misleading content, and all the elected officials to stay protected with several security features and mechanisms like:-

  • Two-factor authentication.
  • Keeps a check on potential attacks.
  • Protections against security breaches.

Mandating Protections For Most Targeted People

Two-factor authentication is quite important, as it enhances the security of the users’ online accounts. However, Facebook Protect main intention is to make enrollment and apply the two-factor authentication frictionless.

Nowadays, two-factor authentication is very important as it helps to have the best protection security to the users like:-

  • Journalists
  • Political candidates
  • Other public and social figures

How to Enroll?

Now it’s a big question: how to enroll in this new Facebook protection program? 

This program doesn’t require any additional action until and unless the users are not getting any notification.

If the user’s account is in danger or it might be at risk, well, in that case, the users will receive a notification to get enroll in the Facebook Protect program.

As we told this feature is generally used for the accounts that are at high risk, but, the best part of this feature is that Facebook will send a notification after checking the accounts that are at high risk.

While Facebook hai claimed that nearly 1.5 million accounts were already registered with Facebook Protect, and out of that, nearly 950,000 have allowed the 2FA security feature.

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