Oracle Releases Critical Patch Updates that contains security fixes for 334 products across all the families.

The Oracle Patch Update covers products including Oracle Database Server, Oracle Global Lifecycle Management, Oracle Fusion Middleware, Oracle E-Business Suite, Oracle PeopleSoft, Oracle Siebel CRM, Oracle Industry Applications, Oracle Java SE, Oracle Virtualization, Oracle MySQL, and Oracle Sun Systems Products Suite.

37% of vulnerabilities fixed are with third-party components that added with the Oracle product distributions.

Eric Maurice director of Oracle Security assurance said that 90% of the vulnerabilities fixed in the critical security patch are non-Oracle CVEs and these Non-Oracle CVEs also make up 56% of the Critical and High vulnerabilities addressed in this Critical Patch Update.

Each vulnerability can be identified by a CVE# vulnerability identifier and score according to CVSS version 3.0.

“Oracle is actively engaged with Intel and other industry partners to come up with technical mitigations against these processor vulnerabilities(Spectre) as they are being reported.”

Users on the Windows and Mac OS X platforms can use automatic updates option’s to get the latest release without delay.

According to Oracle advisory, the Oracle Patch Update covers only the product that comes under the Premier Support or Extended Support phases. Products that do not come under Premier Support or Extended Support are not tested are not tested for vulnerabilities.

Refer the critical patch advisory for Affected Products and it’s Patch Availability.

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