Cisco Released Critical Security Updates

Cisco Released Critical Security Updates for Vulnerabilities that Affected Cisco Products

Cisco Released critical Security Updates for many of its product where they addressed 27 new vulnerabilities which categorized under Critical, High and Medium. Some of the critical Vulnerabilities allows a remote attacker could exploit one of these vulnerabilities to take...
Oracle Patch Update

Oracle Releases Critical Patch Update that Covers 334 Vulnerabilities Across All the Products

Oracle Releases Critical Patch Updates that contains security fixes for 334 products across all the families. The Oracle Patch Update covers products including Oracle Database Server, Oracle Global Lifecycle Management, Oracle Fusion Middleware, Oracle E-Business Suite, Oracle PeopleSoft, Oracle Siebel...
Debian 9.5 Released

Debian 9.5 Released With Fix for Spectre v2 and Other Security Issues

Debian 9.5 released with the fix for a number of security issues including Spectre and the update covers other Miscellaneous Bugfixes. The release is not completely a new version of Debian 9, it includes only the updates for some of...
Cisco Released Critical Security Updates

Cisco Released Security Updates and Fixed Critical Vulnerabilities that Affected Cisco Products

Cisco Security updates released with fixes for 8 vulnerabilities that affected the Cisco products and one those flaws allow remote attackers to execute the arbitrary code and taking the system control. Security updates contain 2 severity flow fixed under "Critical"...
Aircrack-ng 1.3 Released

WiFi Hacking Tool Aircrack-ng 1.3 Released with New Features, Speed Up & Bug Fixes

Most Powerful WiFi Hacking To Aircrack-ng 1.3 Released with various new futures such as speed up and fixed a lot of bugs and support from multiple Cross-platform. Aircrack- ng is a complete suite of tools to assess WiFi network security...


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