Irsh rail operator website has been compromised and the attackers replaces the original websites files with a ransom note demanding to pay 1 bitcoin with 5 days.

Users who tried reaching the tram operator website last Tuesday saw a message claiming the website has been hacked and the company has taken the website down. Users are advised not to reach the website.

It appears more than 3,226 user records has been compromised in the cyber attack. The records are associated with the users who signed up to a Luas newsletter.

The ransom note displayed as follows

You are hacked
some time ago i wrote that you have serious security holes
you didn't reply
the next time someone talks to you, press the reply button
you must pay 1 bitcoin in 5 days
otherwise I will publish all data and send emails to your users
btc address: 3FsR4CTUmumBJK12Zk8QRwdpPTJEY11aSX

Luas confirmed no financial information has been compromised, and the company to contact the affected users within 24 hours.

Luas announced that website has been compromised and the malicious message added to the homepage of the website. We currently have technicians working on the issue.

The site is being analyzed to identify how the attack occurred and technicians are working to restore the service for the customer. Luas transportation was not affected by the attack.

The Attacker said he reported to tram operator about the security holes in the website, and the attack appears to be a defacement attack.

Luas said that they will update customers via twitter, Facebook, AA Roadwatch and the media if there are any changes to services.

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