The use of process management and storage services in public and private clouds is encouraging organizations to change and simplify their approach to security by abandoning traditional tools and adopting new solutions. With the popularization of cloud storage services, the first (and sensible) doubt has to do with security. The possibility of a possible computer attack is still there. However, the different providers of these information technologies have done their homework to solve this main insight.

The Usage

Right at this point it is essential to take a series of basic measures to mitigate the risks in the cloud, from using passwords to limiting and classifying information or a security system. Having a software configured to our particular needs is a fundamental requirement to close any gap to the issue of insecurity.

While private cloud services prevail in the sector, it is not always the best solution for everyone. In this sense, it is important to differentiate between the companies that hire a cloud and those that provide it. This subtle difference may be obvious, but in practical terms it is not.

Having an integral architecture in the cloud allows us to scale our information regardless of the provider, in such a way that both security and other benefits will be practically guaranteed. Here you can find all answers to your questions regarding this topic –


In addition to this, the accessibility of cloud services is now more inclusive, since both small and medium-sized companies can contract new technologies at prices within their reach. Competitiveness, in this sense, will occur in more equitable conditions for all.

And although we can continue talking about the advantages of hybrid cloud, the main issue remains privacy, since the fact of entrusting sensitive information to a provider continues to create uncertainty in many sectors.

At this point, it is essential to pay special attention to the provider’s terms and conditions of privacy, since in most cases they are usually omitted. If we add to this an adequate security software, the risks of hosting malware that can access our information will be minimal.

Absolute Security

Finally, take advantage of the resources that are available to our hands will never hurt: strengthen our passwords with highs, lows and numbers; Besides not repeating them for other services, it is a good practice.

Sorting information according to its importance allows us to know what is saved in the cloud and what is not. Security is one of the main concerns of companies, regardless of the environment.

Although there are some unique challenges in terms of the security of hybrid clouds (such as data migration, increased complexity and a larger attack surface), the presence of several environments can be one of the strongest defences against the risks of security (according to The Hosting Institute)

Hybrid clouds give businesses the ability to choose where to place workloads and data based on compliance, audit, policy and security requirements. A hybrid cloud that is designed, integrated, and managed correctly can be as secure as traditional local environments, and there are several reasons why even government agencies should adopt hybrid clouds.


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