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Should You Monitor Online Activities Of Your Kid?

Just one click and BOOM!! now your kid has access to the whole digital world. It’s that simple to use the internet. And do you know what’s easier than that? The faulty use of the internet rather than using it to uplift your personality and learning something valuable.

So this gives us a clear picture, the internet and most of the activities that we do on the internet are not safe for the kids.

This confirms that it’s always better if the parents monitor the activities of the kids and know what all they are doing on the internet.

But before reaching out for the steps that assist you in keeping the track of the teens, it’s better to know about all the possible threats from which the child needs to be rescued.

All Possible Online Threats For The Kids

1. Addiction To Porn And Gambling

porn and gambling

In terms of addiction, porn and gambling can even surpass alcohol. And the content related to both of them on the internet is myriad.

So it’s a ghost of a chance that the teen doesn’t pay attention to all the appealing but awful content.

Ones these sites gain even a little attention from your little ones, they find themselves in a deep addiction with these sites with hardly any exit gates.

It’s better if the parents keep the kids away from the unhealthy sites and apps in the first place. How can it be done? By keeping a record of all the online activities of the kids somehow.

2. Danger Of Getting Lost

getting lost

Do you know what’s tougher than mathematics? Keeping a wanderlust at home.

If your kid doesn’t like to be a homebody and prefers exploring new things daily, then you would certainly panic  what if they get lost someday?

Your concern is genuine but just getting concerned is not the solution. Keeping the child forcefully at home doesn’t make any sense as well.

It’s better if you track the live location of their cell phone whenever they go out.

This Spy drill article shows us how Facebook Messenger helps users to track the live location of someone. Not only Facebook but location tracking features can be found in other popular instant messaging apps like WhatsApp and social media platforms like Snapchat. So, you can easily track it.

3. Account Hacking

cyber security

The probability of getting your social media account hack might be even more than getting your favorite dish for breakfast. Yes, account hacking is so common these days.

Even access to social media accounts by these hackers is also possible. What if they have access to your bank details as well?

This sounds terrible, right? But it’s not impossible for the hackers to do that.

All they need to do is, lure the kids to share the account information and once they do so, they can use this information for their personal use anytime they feel like.

So, won’t it be good if you monitor your kids and get to know about any such activity before it’s too late?

4. Reputation At Stake

reputation at stake

As told above, a hacker can easily manipulate the child and extract the account information of their social media account.

But to what extent do you think this situation can get worse? Well, this hacker can even be someone who knows your child personally and doesn’t like them at all.

Maybe he/she is willing to go to any extent to meliorate their reputation in front of the public or school.

There are hundreds and hundreds of ways to do that, ones they have access to the kid’s account.

They can edit their photos in some adult way and post on their account. Sending messages with some abusive words to the known ones is another way to make them feel guilty.

So what can you do? Keep a track of your teens and make sure any such activity is not taking place on their device.

5. Bullying And Fight

bullying and fight

If you always wanted to be a superhero and wanted to save your child from a fight, now is the time.

Just by keeping the track of their messages, you can save a big altercation from happening beforehand. The messages are enough to reveal any such mishappening that is going to take place.

And how can you get access to the messages of the teen? Obviously by monitoring their messages somehow.

6. Reduced Time For Other Activities

cellphone addiction

Its’ really painful for parents to see their kids constantly sticking to the phone and not paying attention to real-life things.

The continuous use of smartphones for hours make the kids lethargic and unproductive. The problem increases more when the long use of a cellphone starts to impact the kid physically and mentally.

The time that should have been given to studies, to outdoor games and physical activities is snatched away and given to cell phones and online affairs.

This forces the parents to monitor the online activities of the kids and make sure the kids are not overusing their devices.

Monitor The Kids With Monitoring Apps

In the whole article, we have been discussing that the parents need to spy on the activities of their kids. But how can you do that?

It isn’t good to take the physical access of the device over and over again. Neither is it good to take back their cellphones permanently.

So it’s better to go for a spying app and keep the complete knowledge of the target device without even touching it.


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