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DNS Hijacking Attack

Ongoing DNS Hijacking Attack – NCSC Issued an Alert for Organizations and Provide Mitigation...

National cybersecurity center issued an alert for ongoing DNS hijacking attack, a large-scale global campaign that targets various countries around the world.

Hackers Behind DNSpionage Created a New Remote Admin Tool for C2 Server Communication Over...

Threat actors behind the new malware campaign DNSpionage created a new remote administrative tool that supports HTTP and DNS communication with C&C...
DNS Hijacking

New DNS Hijacking Attack Exploiting DLink Routers to Target Netflix, PayPal, Uber, Gmail Users

Cybercriminals continuously perform DNS hijacking attack to the consumer's routers over the past 3 months, and the sites targeted for phishing includes...

DHS Issued Emergency Directive Ordering Federal Agencies To Audit DNS Activity for their Domains

DHS issued an emergency directive to federal agencies and it staffs to Audit DNS Records, Change DNS Account Passwords, Add Multi-Factor Authentication...
DNS Hijacking

DNS Hijacking Campaign Targeting Various Organizations Around the Globe

A new wave of DNS Hijacking campaign targeting various domains organizations belonging to various government, telecommunications and internet infrastructure entities.


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