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Hackers Compromised SmartTVs and Chromecast Devices To Promote PewDiePie YouTube Channel

Hackers hijacked thousands of publically available Chromecast/SmartTV/GoogleHome devices to remotely play video on the users device and urge users to subscribe for...

100,000 Printers Hacked Worldwide Again by Hackers to Promote PewDiePie YouTube Channel

Hackers who support PewDiePie, A most subscribed YouTube channel so far strike again and compromised more than 100,000 printers around the world...

Thousands of Printers Hacked Worldwide & Hackers Promote PewDiePie YouTube Channel To Subscribe

Someone hacked thousand of the printers worldwide and promoted to subscribe the worlds most followed youtube channel  “PewDiePie” with 72.5 million YouTube subscribers which are...


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