It has been announced that Tor Browser 11.5, one of the major releases from the Tor Project, has been released, offering new features to combat censorship more effectively for users.

In order to access sites via the Onion Router network (Tor), the Tor Browser has been specifically created to perform these functions. This gives users the ability to access information on the web anonymously and in their own time when visiting websites.

In order to accomplish this, the traffic is routed through a number of nodes on the network that encrypt that traffic at each step along the way. 

It is the exit node that relays the information back to the user upon the connection reaching the destination so that the user is able to continue with their connection.

Using this new release, you can connect to Tor from heavily censored regions in a way that is not achievable with the earlier versions.

Tor Browser 11.5 – What’s New?

Here below we have listed all the new additions of this new version:-

  • Automatic censorship detection and circumvention
  • Redesigned Tor Network settings
  • HTTPS-Only Mode, by default
  • Connection Assist
  • Improved font support

It should be noted that in Tor Browser 11.5 there have been some updates aimed at circumventing censorship, an initiative that has been ongoing for nearly a year now. With this update, you are assured that the Tor connection experience will be improved and it will continue to develop as time progresses.

There are no longer any manual configurations that users have to try to get Tor unblocked in this new version 11.5. This version of Tor Browser, 11.5 comes with a new feature called Connection Assist, which makes it easier for users to connect.

A bridge configuration that is known to work best at the user’s location is automatically assigned by this feature. 

The Tor team welcomes user feedback and reports regarding Connection Assist since it is still in its beta phase (v1.0). By doing so, they will be able to eliminate any kinks in the system and enhance its capabilities.

In version 11.5 the default browsing mode has been changed to HTTPS-only mode, which is an important new feature. Through this procedure, a secure connection is established between the client and the server via a protected tunnel.

Users can take advantage of this feature to protect themselves against malicious exit relays, and man-in-the-middle (MitM) attacks. 

While the HTTPS-Everywhere extension that was used to interpret onion names has been replaced by a more suitable replacement, known as SecureDrop.

The Network Settings menu, which is now called Connection Settings in Tor Browser 11.5 is also another significant improvement since it’s heavily redesigned and updated.

The new interface offers an opportunity to view the configuration for the first time through the use of emojis on saved Bridges. 

The bridge is identified in a way that makes it easy to select the correct bridge when there is a need for one.

Download Tor Browser 11.5

This new version is available for all the major platforms like:-

  • Windows
  • macOS
  • Linux
  • Android

Depending on your OS architecture, you can download Tor Browser as an installable package or portable binary from the official Tor Browser download portal.

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