A Romanian ATM Skimming cyber Crime Gang arrested in Mexico for deploying card-skimming devices to ATM machine and dispense pesos currency.

42-year-old “Florian N” and 37-year-old “Adrian Nicholae N arrested for
illegal firearm and cash 500,000 pesos (~USD $26,000) in both American and Mexican denominations

Both of the faces were partially concealed and released to Mexican media and one of the men reputed to be in charge of a relatively new ATM company based in Mexico called Intacash.

According to Krebs investigation report, Law enforcement and ATM industry sources cited in that story said they believe Intacash is controlled by Romanian nationals and that its key principals were the ones paying ATM technicians to compromise machines at competing ATM providers.

“As I discovered in reporting that series, it was possible to tell which ATMs were compromised in Mexico’s top tourist spots just by approaching each with a smart phone and looking for the presence of a Bluetooth signal beaconing out a wireless network with the name “Free2Move”

Criminals using this functionality to steal the credit and debit card details
from hacked ATMs without touching the compromised ATM.


In this case, They were taken into custody after they discovered a gun and a large amount of cash and the arrest was made in coordination with both municipal and military police

Also further depth investigation says, Mexico is a central hub for hundreds of individuals from Romania who have moved into tourist areas to help execute various ATM skimming and money laundering schemes there and across the border in the United States.

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