Ukrainian man Extradited

In the United States, Florida Karin Hoppmann has announced the extradition of Glib Oleksandr Ivanov-Tolpintsev. They are in a conspiracy where they traffic unauthorized access devices and computer passwords.

He has been imprisoned, and he faces the maximum penalty of 17 years of imprisonment. This incident always notifies Ivanov Tolpintsev that they are alleged around $82,648, which is a significant offense.

He has taken custody by the police authority on 3rd October 2020. This is pursuant to the United States’ extradition which is, a treaty between the Republic of Poland and the United States.

He was present on 7th September 2021, before Julie S. Sneed (United States Magistrate) to make sure that it ordered the pending trial.

As per the indictment, Ivanov-Tolpintsev has been controlled by the botnet that is a computer network’s infected malware, and this has been getting controlled without the owner’s permission.

They use the botnet to decrypting the numerous computer login simultaneously. During the continuing course, he has to also stated that his botnet was capable to decrypt the login credential at least for 2000 computers per week. 

He sold the login credential of the compromised computers on the dark web website. After it got sold, that credential was used to facilitate a wide range of activity includes tax and ransomware attacks.

This indictment is merely a formal charge to the defendant the commitment with more violation of federal criminal law. This is very much defendant to presumed innocent until they have proven guilty.

This investigation was mainly led by the Tampa Division of the Federal Bureau of investigation. This is also an internal revenue service that includes Homeland Security Investigations and Criminal Investigation’s Tampa Field Office.

In addition, the Department of Justice’s Office of International Affairs has given this type of substantial assistance with internal revenue service. This is one type of criminal investigation in Washington which gets benefits from the foreign law enforcement corporation.

This is one type of Polish Ministry of Justice prosecuted by the United State assistant Attorney Carlton.

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