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Data Breach Alert: American Express Credit Card Information Exposed

American Express has recently notified its customers of a data breach involving a third-party service provider, marking a security incident that has potentially compromised...

Hotel’s Hacked Logins Let Attacker Steal Guest Credit Cards

According to a recent report by Secureworks, a well-planned and advanced phishing attack was carried out, specifically targeting hotels and their guests, through the...
Air Europa Breached

Air Europa Breached: Customers’ Credit Card Details Exposed

On Tuesday, Air Europa, a Spanish airline, experienced a security breach where cybercriminals gained unauthorized access to the credit card information of the airline's...

Threat Actors Abusing 404 Pages to Hide Credit Card Stealing Malware

A new web skimming campaign has been discovered, which targets multiple organizations in the food and retail industries. This campaign was unique as it...

Underground Carding Marketplace BidenCash Leaked 2 Million Credit Cards

BidenCash, a new entrant in the underground carding business, has announced a 1-year anniversary promotion in which it is offering the data of 2...

R3NIN Sniffer Malware Stealing Credit Card Data from E-commerce Consumers

Credit card sniffers or online skimmers are a type of harmful software that cybercriminals often create using the JavaScript programming language. Threat actors primarily use...

New Prilex Malware Blocks Contactless Payments to Steal Credit Card Data

Prilex is indeed a single threat actor that transformed from malware targeted at ATMs into distinctive modular point-of-sale (PoS) malware. Prilex has resurfaced with new...

Over 9 Million Credit Card Data Exposed from Leading Payment Systems

An open and unprotected database with 9,098,506 records of credit card transactions was discovered recently by security researcher Jeremiah Fowler and the Website Planet...
Authorities Seized Criminal Marketplace

Authorities Seized Criminal Marketplace Selling Stolen Credit Cards and Millions of Login Details

The Portuguese Authorities seized a website operating as a market place selling stolen login credentials and other personally identifying information. According to the report of...
Magecart Threat Actors Using Highly Evasive Skimmer to Steal Credit Card Data

Magecart Threat Actors Using Highly Evasive Skimmer to Steal Credit Card Data

Cybersecurity researchers at Cyble Research & Intelligence Labs have identified a tweet with a JavaScript skimmer that is mentioned by a security analyst on...

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