A hoaxer from United Kingdom got arrested and sentenced 3 years in prison for bomb threat across UK schools, colleges, universities, Airlines also launching DDoS on various famous websites.

A 19-year teenager George Duke-Cohan involved with various cyber crimes and act as a hoaxer to create a serious threat against educational institutes and Airlines in the United Kingdom and the investigation says he also planed his threats to united states.

He dismissed a hoax email More than 400 schools across the UK and the email warned a student had entered schools with a bomb – and demanded $5,000 to be deposited in VeltPvP’s account.

He launched multiple DDOS attacks on a various famous website including cybersecurity investigation website Kerbsonsecurity by ran a DDoS-for-hire service.

He is also a part of an attention-seeking group called Apophis Squad and his team followed another online fame seeking group called Lizard Squad who has involved various crime such as DDoS-for-hire service and called Airlines for bomb threat.

Another incident of falsely reporting by George that he hijack of a plane which had almost 300 passengers on board.

In this case, Apophis Squad hosted their website and DDoS-for-hire service on the same server where Lizard Squad used for their operations.

According to Krebs,  KrebsOnSecurity.com came under sustained attack from the Apophis Squad, who took to Twitter to taunt this author while the attacks were underway. Duke-Cohan and other Apophis Squad members also attacked the free email service  Protonmail, even as all of them continued to use their Protonmail accounts to communicate about the attacks.

Also, National cybercrime arrested Duke-Cohan in his home for his  hoax bomb threat and also said that “he now has a criminal record that will harm his future career prospects”

He had no previous convictions and lived with his mother and sister, but was linked to a cyber-hacker group on Twitter calling itself the Apophis Squad.

According to BBC, Also authorities seized his laptops, USB sticks and mobile phones from his home and he was sentenced to one year in jail for the emails sent to schools and two years for the airport security scare.

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