One of the Worlds largest Tech support scam operators were arrested in India with the help of Microsoft and those who involved in this scams resides in India have earned millions of dollars by scamming peoples who are mostly in US and Canada.

These Tech support scam operators initially send a malicious popup with Microsoft logo that claims Your computer infected with the virus and calls the particular number to solve the issue.

Scammers Pretending like an Employee from Microsoft and let inform them that their computers infected with a Virus and we help you to resolve it. In this case, Victims offered $99 to $1000 in order to fix the issue.

Some time the popup alerts look like comes from Microsoft, Apple or Symantec, and other well-known companies.

Similarly, Microsoft facing more than 11,000 complaints in every month and 150,000 pop-up ads and they keep updating it in their own tech-support forums to create more awareness.

India based outsourcing industries generate about $28 billion in annual revenue and employ about 1.2 million people.

At the same time, illegitimate scam operation also taking place in India and many of the technically sound scammers are working behind in this platform.

Indian Cyber Crime Police Busted Tech Support Scam Operators

Cyber Crime cell authorities join hands with Microsoft and busted 16 fake tech-support centers and arrested about three dozen peoples.

These fake tech-support centers are running in a different state in India and the capital Delhi had a number of centers running by scammers.

According to the New York Times Report, For tech companies, combating the impersonators is complicated by the fact that many legitimate tech-support operations, including some of Microsoft’s, operate from India.
The scam is quite lucrative. Researchers at Stony Brook University, who published a detailed study of fake tech-support services last year, estimated that a single pop-up campaign spread over 142 web domains brought in nearly $10 million in just two months.

Victims who have little bit knowledge about this kind of scams most ignored it but one in five recipients actually talks to the fake tech-support centers and some of the victims are paid to the scammers.

In other ways, Hackers compromised thousands of WordPress Sites that running outdated plugin and redirected them to tech support scam pages.

In this case. Scammers continue to adapt to new techniques to trick user’s and make them fall as a victim. Scammers always impose limits such as “call immediately” or “Offer Valid Today only” to make you act on it immediately.

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