Electric scooter or bicycle hybrid: What to ride in summer

In summer, the subway and buses are hot and crowded. Scooters and electric bicycles can get you around the city quickly and with a breeze, and you won’t get tired. You just have to choose what you like best.

Why electric scooters and bicycle hybrid?

First, let’s get the definitions straight. Electric scooters and bicycle hybrids are the same as scooters and bicycles, only with an electric motor. An electric scooter with a dead battery can be driven like a normal scooter by pushing off the ground with your foot.

This versatility sets them apart from hoverboards, monocycles, segways, and other fashionable modes of transport. But electric scooters and bicycle hybrids can compete with each other. Our guide will help you understand how they differ and decide what’s right for you.


Yes, external differences are not the main thing here. You need to compare the characteristics and capabilities of the transport – and choose what is more important to you.

  • Speed

Powerful bicycle hybrids can accelerate up to 30 km/h or more. Electric scooters have an average speed limit of about 5-10 km/h less. In addition, the smaller the vehicle, the more speed is felt. Therefore, a fast ride on a scooter is more of an extreme sport than a walk.

  • Ridingoff-road

If you plan to test your transport outside of asphalt roads, it is better to do it on a bicycle hybrid. Wheels with an impressive thickness and a diameter of at least 25 inches will cope with off-roading.

  • Mobility

Scooters are smaller, they are foldable, and weigh within 10 kg. They can be easily transported in public transport, and even a child can drag the folded scooter into the house. There are bulky scooters and compact bike bikes that fold in half. But these are rather exceptions.

  • Autonomy

Electric scooters and bicycle batteries are similar in size and capacity, so you can go anywhere from 20 to 40 km without recharging, depending on the model specifications. But all other things being equal, bicycle bikes win because the power of the motor is added to the energy you generate by pedaling.

  • Protection against theft

An electric scooter is simple: you can fold it up, take it with you to the store and not worry. The bike will stay at the entrance, and here you’ll have to be nervous: bike locks will not save you from villains with bolt-cutters. For those who don’t want to be nervous, there are advanced bicycle bikes with an ignition key and footstep lock, but they are not cheap.

Cool, I want an electric scooter. How do I choose one?

First of all, assess the range. Choose models that can travel 20 km or more without recharging – enough for an evening stroll and the daily route to work and back.

Secondly, look at the wheels. The optimal size for the city – 8-10 inches. This is enough to overcome the bumps in the road. Larger wheels look cool, but with them, the scooter will not be light and compact. It is good if the wheels have fenders: they will protect your clothes from splashes and dirt.

Third, check the braking system. So that you are not flying headfirst every time, the rear wheel should lock when braking.

If you have decided for yourself what you want, you can find the right model for you at Evxstore.com

No, I’m still going to look at the bicycle hybrid. What’s the main thing about them?

If you plan to go off-road, choose a model with a motor power of 250 watts or more. The optimal size of wheels – 27.5 inches. It is good if the bike has a removable battery – then you can charge it at home without getting dirt all around from the wheels.

If you are looking for an urban option, look at the design and the ability to fold the bike in half for transport. Don’t be lazy to check that it will fit in the trunk of your car. Also, the bike should be able to function normally as a regular bike, just in case the battery runs out before you get home.

It’s cool if there’s a hybrid model, where the intensity of the motor depends on how hard you pedal. Ithelpssavebatterypowerover a longerdistance.

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