FastPOS malware

A 30-year-old Moldovan citizen Valerian Chiochiu (30), aka Onassis pleaded guilty for creating FastPOS malware and infecting several PoS Systems Worldwide.

The FastPOS malware was first spotted by Trend Micro, it was named as FastPOS because of it’s the ability to quickly exfiltrate the data.

The malware is so dangerous as it leverages various methods to attack and breach a POS system, the malware uses keylogger and RAM scraper to collect details such as payment details, and other data stored within the magnetic strips of credit and debit cards and other details of the company.

FastPOS malware doesn’t store any information locally, as soon it steals the information it will be uploaded to a C&C server.

Malware Author Pleads Guilty

Chiochiu is a native of Moldova, resides in the U.S., to face up to 10 years of prison when he is sentenced on Dec. 11.

He was one of the members of the Infraud global cybercrime organization that steals and sells the credit card and personal data.

“His plea came just over a month after the co-founder and administrator of Infraud, Sergey Medvedev of Russia, separately pleaded guilty on June 26.”

According to the indictment, “the Infraud Organization was created in October 2010 by Medvedev and Svyatoslav Bondarenko, aka “Obnon,” “Rector,” and “Helkern,” 34, of Ukraine, to promote and grow interested in the Infraud Organization as the premier destination for “carding” —purchasing retail items with counterfeit or stolen credit card information — on the Internet.”

He went online with the name Onassis,” “Flagler,” “Socrate” and “Eclessiastes,” he was a member of the in fraud organization since 2012.

He guides them in fraud organization members on the development, deployment, and use of malware as a means of harvesting stolen data.

The group was dismantled by US authorities in February 2018, In its seven-year history, the Infraud Organization caused more than $568 losses.

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