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It is evident Instagram has adorned the hearts of many not only in virtual image appeal but also marketing and establishing their brand. Unlike Facebook and Twitter, Instagram is a platform that earns your content quite the liking. With over 500 million active users, Instagram is a hub of growth and achieving intended goals in the business world. Having a large fan-base can be beneficial to your brand since more followers guarantee more engagement in your account. There have been amazing rugs to riches stories of people who came and conquered Instagram and all its glory.

Below are some of the tips that are a sure guarantee of growth in your IG channel:

1. Name Your Channel Wisely

This is an excellent strategy to up your channel subscription numbers. Give your brand a name that Instagram users can key in search of your account. You are not recommended to use your real name. However, if it’s a household name you can give it a try as it can lead to traffic on your channel. The title should also reflect on your brand.

2. Time Your Posts

This tip has proved to be useful for most Instagram users; especially business owners who look to make more sales and grow their customer base. For a channel to pick up more traffic, you ought to post your content at the right time so that you capture the audience attention. An example is posting content about traveling experiences where an entrepreneur will be creative by displaying travel sites, hotels, as well as tour guides. There are peak seasons where people want to visit exotic places. For Travel Bloggers it’s quite easy to explain such and can help to share insights on their Instagram channels.

3. Engage With Your Audience

There is more to Instagram than a platform for uploading pictures for likes; you can make your content come to life by engaging with your audience. When you post appealing content, it is bound to get traffic, and an intelligent Instagrammer will get on this action. You can interact with followers by commenting and liking. When you engage with followers, you can connect with them and improve on ideas. Take your time by responding to these comments, as your followers will appreciate that you spared time to chat. Also, answer all the questions asked even though this can be tricky when your numbers grow. As an entrepreneur, you will also be able to read the market as you get first-hand information in your account. Avoid being stingy with the likes as it will not hurt to show gratitude to others.

4. Be Consistent With Your Posts

You have to give your audience something enticing or else they will hit the un-follow button as quickly as they blink. Consistency is vital in generating more followers and driving more traffic to your channel. Having a pattern to your posts can lure followers and those who visit your profile. Moreover, most Instagram users that take up this strategy spend less on creating content as they focus on transforming visitors into followers; this will reflect on higher engagement in your account.

5. Close Monitoring Of Your Channel

To build strong and sustainable relationships with your followers, you have to monitor what is going on in the social scene and join in the conversations. Soon enough, people will start to refer to you when they have pressing matters at hand. In addition, if you reply comprehensively and persistently, they will pay back the trust they have in you. Your followers will encourage others to follow your channel.

6. Get on Trendy Topics

Trends crop up every other day. You can jump on board opportunities bringing in line hashtags and hot topics with your content, to be discovered as well as interaction with followers. You can also take it up a notch by engaging in conversations to bolster your reach. An example of a popular hashtag is #TravelWithStyle. An entrepreneur can ride the wave of a trending topic by relating to his/her content.

7. Use Instagram Stories

This fantastic feature has made things a lot easier for users as reports suggest that many prefer stories to endless scrolling through their feeds. You will be able to connect to your audience and attract other people. Followers will be able to see your daily regimen and love you more.

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