LabCorp Security Breach puts millions of patient records at risk, LabCorp serves more than 115 million patient annually. On July 14th hackers got access to the LabCorp’s network and their IT team shut down certain parts of the network to stop the hack.

LabCorp says there is no evidence of unauthorized access or misuse of the patient data and the company said it has notified relevant authorities about the intrusion and will cooperate in any investigation.

DailyMail reports that according to company inside senior manager the entire network was shut down on Sunday morning as the hackers try accessing the patient’s personal data.

The company also said it notify patients within 60 days after discovery of the breach. Recently LabCorp also won the lawsuit filed against HIPAA violation.


Also, the firm says the customers of LabCorp Diagnostics may experience a delay in receiving the results and the suspicious activity detected on LabCorp Diagnostics systems.

LabCorp says there is no indication of activities with Covance Drug Development systems. The company said Work has been ongoing to restore full system functionality as quickly as possible.

There is a drastic increase in the number of attacks and 2017 is the year for some worst data breaches, many of the 2017 data breach due to security misconfiguration, insecure data storage and overall inadequate solutions to protect data.

According to the Breach Level Index (BLI), the average total loss of data records through the year 2017 is 5,076,479 and the global data breach cost is $3.62 million according to the ponemon case study.

This is the eighth data breach reported in the last 30 days followed by TimehopHondaMyHeritageDixonsCarphoneTypeformAdidasExactisTicketmaster, and yatra.


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